Ten reasons why you must participate in PrintWeek India Awards 2016

The eighth edition of PrintWeek India Awards is underway and the search for the best in Indian print is gaining momentum.

01 Jul 2016 | By Aditya Merchant

The samples submitted for the PrintWeek India Awards in the past editions have been getting better year by year. The stage for this year’s award is set, the countdown has begun.

Here are ten reasons why you must participate in PrintWeek India Awards:

Networking opportunities
Being a part of the Awards gives you an opportunity to build contacts, meet and network with other award participants, businesses and potential customers and partners.

Raise your company profile
Winning, the PrintWeek India Awards significantly raises your company profile and earns respect from your peers. Did you know even firms who have been shortlisted for the Prism have benefitted as it has provided a new dimension to brand position.

If you feel that you have it in you to compete against the big daddies of print and be the Leicester at this year’s Awards, then this is where you belong as you will be pitted against the best in the Indian print industry.

The Jury
We believe that your consumers are your biggest critic and thus the jury at PrintWeek India Awards is an ensemble of print buyers from various industries who will scrutinise your samples for the most intricate details and judge on the basis of the four samples you submit for consistency and quality. 

Free marketing
Just being nominated improves awareness about your print capabilities and promotes the business to new customers.

Media coverage
You have the opportunity to gain extensive media attention through coverage in the winner's issue, as well as in the PrintWeek India website. This exposure helps to attract new customers and increase respect from existing clients.

Employee motivation
Everyone likes being part of a winning team. Achieving recognition in these awards will have a positive effect on staff morale, motivation and high spirits in the company.

Acknowledge staff and customer loyalty
Attending the awards is an opportunity to thank and reward your staff for their contribution to the business, thank customers for their loyalty and impress prospects with the hospitality.

The PrintWeek Studio
If you get shortlisted for the awards you get a chance to showcase your products for your buyers on PrintWeek Studio - an online platform for everything that is print.

It’s a print party
The print industry is one of the most demanding field to work and thus, we believe that all printers must come together to celebrate print away from all the hustle and bustle with their peers, employees and customers.