Ravi Vaitiyanathan gives insight on PrintWeek-Esko webinar

PrintWeek will conduct a webinar in association with Esko on 17 February 2022 at 3 pm. The webinar will give attendees insights about ArtPro+ 22, which will be released in March 2022.

Ravi Vaitiyanathan, application sales manager, Esko answers a few questions for Mansi Gupta, PrintWeek

16 Feb 2022 | By PrintWeek Team

Mansi Gupta (MG): With the launch of ArtPro+ 22, can you tell us how ArtPro+ 20 was different from ArtPro+ 21? 
Ravi Vaitiyanathan (RV):
In the 2021 update, the ‘auto bleed’ tool was introduced to extend existing artwork beyond the cut line. In variable data printing workflow, hi-end graphics could be set as variable elements. ArtPro + 21 could also highlight duplicate entries and incorrect data while processing. 
Object-based trapping feature was updated to handle complex packaging artwork and automate the trapping process. Action lists were updated to include more manual tasks for automation. Now, the PDF action lists automate pre-press tasks without special programming or scripting skills. 
MG: Apart from the general updates, how does your team tackle customers’ queries?
fter the customer buys a solution, the Esko team visits them and trains their entire team. This training is done by our experienced service team professionals, where we share the industry best practices and process controls with the customer during the training.

MG: Are there any pre-press innovations that have emerged in the past 24 months? For example, virtual proofing/online approvals…
We have seen customers moving towards virtual 3D mockups to get artwork approval. The pandemic has resulted in restricted movement, so customers prefer contactless 3D mockups for easy and quick approval of artworks.
MG: With companies getting critical about the materials, methods they use for creating a packaging solution, how does Esko help industries achieve sustainability? 
Many developments have been witnessed in changing the SKU’s design, material choices and print methods to ensure that sustainable packaging is achieved. At Esko, we are also constantly evolving our solutions to match the market trend. Equinox, our fixed ink pallet solution, is one of them, which enables customers to move towards sustainable packaging.
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