Rajesh Sharma: Building relationships is our main motto

Primescan is based out of Udaipur, Rajasthan and mostly does commercial printing and some packaging jobs. The company is said to be go-to destination for designing and printing of catalogues and brochures. The firm provides complete solution to its clients worldwide. The company deals with jobs ranging from business cards to corporate stationery to catalogues, till exhibition material.

17 Jun 2020 | By PrintWeek Team

Rajesh Sharma of Primescan, Udaipur

Q: How did you stay in touch with your staff during the lockdown?
We have 25 staff members. During lockdown, we conducted online meetings with our designers and management and the sales team.

Q: Describe the work your firm does
Primescan started its journey with a design studio and we used to outsource printing and other works. At that time, we earned a good name in quality of design and print, as we used to take turnkey projects in which photography and design were included. Now, as we have everything under one roof, everything is in our control.

Q: One top job that built your reputation...
There are numerous jobs, and it’s hard to name one. And this is the reason we are working across the country, though we are situated in a small city.

Q: One compliment from a customer...
We were complimented by one of our overseas clients. We had made a sample box for stone tiles. The client wrote to us, “I am not able to believe yet that I will find a great job from an Indian company, but it has been done superbly without any error and with great quality of print.” We are still doing jobs for that client and he is happy with our quality and services.

Q: Which territories do you serve?
We work across the country and also have some global clients. In India, we serve in Rajasthan, Delhi, Gujarat, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

Q: Which type of markets do you serve?
Our clients are corporates and private companies. We have clients from stone industry, building and construction, education, fabrics and garments, cosmetics, FMCG, fashion, machineries and many other industries. Our next aim is packaging.

Q: What equipment do you run?
We have brand new RMGT four-colour (23x31), Technova CTP, stitching, glue, thermal lamination, Wiro, and automatic cutting machines.

Q: The first kit you will invest in 2020 /2021 ...
Automatic die-cutting.

Q: What’s the USP of your factory operations?
We are more focused on quality and service. Building relationships is our main motto. We always think about our client to give them the best so that they can improve their brand visibility. If they grow, we will also grow. Something out-of-the box that print can do, which could benefit the planet We have to come back to paper printing again, especially recyclable paper. Around 78 million tonnes of plastic printing is being used for packaging, of which only around 15% is recyclable. So, we need innovative ideas of paper packaging, which could benefit the planet in the coming years.

Q: Your proudest achievement...
Our pride is in our clients’ smile when they work with us and have faith in us. This is what our achievement has been since we started and it really matters to us.

Q: Where do you see print in your city in five years’ time?
Udaipur is a growing city with global exposure and it is well connected by the other metros. In coming years, it will grow as distance doesn’t matter nowadays. In my opinion, small companies from small cities work with great attention and services. This will attract big companies to work with us.

Trivia Time

One trivia about Udaipur’s history...
Udaipur is a well-known place as far as its history or beauty is concerned. People love to read its history as Udaipur (Mewar) is the land of valour and sacrifice. But one thing people may not know about Udaipur is that the people around Mewar are straight and true; cheating is not in their blood.

Sharma’s favourite song during the lockdown...
I sing and listen to poet Pradeep’s song, especially Dekh tere sansar ki halat kya ho gayee bhagwan, kitna badal gaya insan...