Rahul @ Drupa: Live demos and must watch products

A lot of Drupa will be out of the box stuff. Please leverage your presence at Drupa.

09 Mar 2016 | By Rahul Kumar

Thanks to the authorities at Messe Dusseldorf, I was invited for the pre-Drupa media countdown, the trick is still the same. That is, how to trap the rainbow colours in the paper, paperboard and objects. Even today, the colour remains crucial.But that's not what these jottings are about.
Please leverage your presence at Drupa.
Attend the live demos
Canon shall have 40 live demos.
Epson will have 40 demonstrations of its products. 
HP boasts of  more than 40 live demos for the moment.
Pitney Bowes will showcase the AccelejetTMInkjet printing and finishing system – first showing in Europe; two, the new ClarityTM solutions suite; and three, the new EngageOneTM SmartView/SmartBill/SmartPay/Liaison – customer self-service.
Kodak says, “Pretty much across the board in every technology.”
Kolbus will have seven products on display.
Konica Minolta will have 42 live demos at its booth. Fujifilm will have live demos of 10 products.
Ricoh will have live demos of Pro VC 60000 duplex system, running at up to 150m/m; Pro C9100; Pro C7100X; Pro L4100; Pro 8100 and Pro C5100. 
Xerox shall have 18 solutions running live. 
Product watch at Drupa
A printer friend with whom I walked on the banks of Rhine had a futuristic gaze. A system whereby printers can print a magazine that can entice buyers to buy outfits / gadgets directly off the pages. A system to ensure the banana packaging is fresh, likewise packaging for coconut water. Any which way to connect products and consumer. And above all, #3Dprinting which could revolutionise #printed electronics.
I asked 14 top exhibitors as to what they are showcasing at Drupa 2016.
The answers are below: 
Bobst: A digital-flexo press capable of producing on flexible material and folding carton. 
Canon: ImageStream 2400 full-colour inkjet press for standard coated papers.
EFI: The new Fiery. Plus a new industrial printer, new printing ink and new software packages.
Epson: Epson Surepress L6034 and Epson Surecolor S 8600 ten-colour signage printer (on display at Fespa 2016).
Fujifilm: Jet Press.
Fujifilm J Press 700
Global Graphics Software: Multilevel screening and the recently launched Harlequin 11.
HP: The new HP Indigo printing presses.
HP Indigo 10000
Hybrid Software: Complete solution of pre-press in packaging and its cloud flow.
Kodak: Prinergy Workflow 8, Enterprise Inkjet Systems Division (EISD) will showcase Ultrastream inkjet technology; Electrophotographic Printing Solutions (EPS), housed within Print Systems Division (PSD) will highlight the next gen NexPress – NexPress ZX 3900, a new CTP that is faster than ever before with a speed of 68 plates an hour. The Micro 3D Printing & Packaging Division (MPPD) extends the NX Advantage and announces the launch of a new system, the Flexcel NX System ’16, NX Implementation Services and the next generation ‘ULTRA NX Experience and expanded colour gamut CMYKOGV. 
Kolbus: The Kolbus KM 200 Bookjet, the perfect binding machine, which was launched in 2011, and the rigid box system.
Konica Minolta: Konica Minolta KM-1 and Konica Minolta bizhub press C1100.
Pitney Bowes: The new ClarityTM solutions suite; the new DirectViewTM software; the new Client Success Services; the new PulseTM inserter; the new version of EpicTMInserting and finishing system – first showing in Europe; EngageOne video, and other Personalised Customer Engagement solutions, including EngageOne Communications Suite, EngageOne Vault; the new EngageOneTM SmartView/SmartBill/SmartPay/Liaison – customer self service;  Print+ MessengerTM Colour Inkjet System; AccelejetTMInkjet printing and finishing system – first showing in Europe; OneSortTMparcel and mail sorting system; RelayTM 8000 / 4000 / Communications Hub;  Spectrum data integration/data quality; and Synchronised Communications Execution for customer engagement.
Ricoh: Ricoh Pro VC60000, along with 9100 and 7100 series of digital cut-sheet production engines, since we do a lot of business in cut-sheet.
Xerox: Brenva HD production inkjet press and Xerox Trivor 2400 inkjet press.