Five questions for 2015

The Indian economy is forecast to grow at 7.4% in 2015-16 and the Indian market is set to become buoyant again. There are reports which have indicated better profit growth prospects. We put five questions to the print CEOs as to what they expect in 2015

11 Feb 2015 | By PrintWeek India

Alok Munot
Prabhat Printing Works, Pune
Q: Are we mature enough to understand the total cost of ownership or the investments will still be made considering the capital cost of the equipment?
Certainly, the former. Large corporations have their own math and the Indian businessman is extremely shrewd in his own way. They are seldom hasty, yet when newer costs are discovered, the tricky question comes forth, have I got my homework right? For example, you’re tempted with a good offer.
Also certain pre-owned equipment might only initiate the thinking, given there is the need to enhance your manufacturing capabilities, but would you make a decision without considering operational and all other costs. Achieve your estimated TCO, stay on track with the ROI. As long as you meet your purpose and remain at peace, you’re ready for the next investment.

Manu Choudhury
CDC Printers, Kolkata
Q: Will we see workflow become a major part of print investment?
The term workflow can no longer be attributed to a software. It has to go far beyond it. Software only acts as a medium and addresses a small portion of problems a medium sized print company faces. But workflow is a series of processes, the flow of materials between them, the flow of information between different operations (people independent), a tool to identify the bottleneck in the complete process and use it effectively to minimise work in progress materials. Whether one uses a software as an aid to achieve this is a personal decision and is also an insignificant one, if we understand the true sense of a workflow. But if we do not “invest” in this “workflow”, chances of remaining competitive in 2015 and beyond becomes questionable.

Firoze Reshamwala
Lucid Prints, Mumbai
Q: A lot of new improvements and new companies sprouting up in the print industry. The highlights and breakthroughs according to you...
The scenario for the print industry at this moment does not look to bright at all in my opinion . The best of companies are below their targets and last year’s figures have been given. This period has even been bad for the packaging printers who are normally not affected by the slump . There is more capacity in the market in print companies than the market requires . So I don’t see a very great 2015 ahead for print companies

Snehanshu Ganguly
NK Gossain Printing Press, Kolkata
Q: How will you define innovation (print) in 2015?
Innovation in simple term defines introduction of new concepts. I believe 2015 will be a radical change for printing industry especially with the “Make in India” concept. Normal print jobs like posters, danglers, journals etc. will give way to graphics, textures, vibrant colours which will resemble brands. The industry might also unleash the power of white ink. Prints on car dash boards, shoes, themes for interior decors on versatile medias will be the trendsetters. 3D printers will radically change medical science.

Dwipal Patel
Shree Printwell Offset, Ahmedabad
Q: Will traditional Indian printers sell print via eCommerce?
I would start with this example. A US photobook giant entered the Indian photobook market, but withdrew within months because the Indian printers could not meet his quality parameter. Indian is evolving. I would say the Indian print industry is at a teenager stage, where printers are approaching professional management, developing them, focusing on growth, value chain and innovation. Selling print through eCommerce will need pumping cash into marketing, educating the users. I think it should be a couple of years more before we see the Indian print companies move to eCommerce.