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Suhani Singh speaks to Nishad R Deshmukh, the publisher at Career Publications

07 May 2010 | By Suhani Singh

Suhani Singh: Do you agree that the Indian book market is tagged as a growth area?

Nishad Deshmukh: We have good artists working across the country involved in English as well as regional publishing. Plus there are many well set and upcoming service providers for publishing. We can see exponential growth in graphic arts in publishing sector. 

SS: Is there a growth in digital book publishing? Is it still 1% of the total book publishing market in India?

ND: Digital book publishing is increasing across the world. Though the percentage is low in India, the launch of e-readers will make a difference in the scenario. Young readers would prefer to read e-book using e reader.

SS: How many printers exist on your empanelled list? How do you audit these presses, so as to maintain minimum standards?

ND: We have one to one interaction with them on a regular basis for our requirements, and standards.

SS: How long does it take for a book from the stage of ideation to final product? For example, is the entire book production workflow largely automated and handled by one print provider?

ND: It takes considerable amount of time; including editorial process usually it is a cycle of six to nine months.

SS: How important is inventory maintenance and its associated risk and cost?

ND: Since the entire business is based on the availability of books, inventory maintenance becomes an essential issue.

SS: Any exports?

ND: Our exports are still through Indian exporters and not directly. The titles have reached UK, Sri Lanka and Nigeria. 

SS: Do books continue to form a small percentage of total expenses of a school going child?

ND: I disagree. Since today's parents are serious about reading habits, making their child read good books has become a priority.

SS: Should price be the "only" thing while discussing a print job?

ND: Good quality is a must.

SS: Finishing is important for creating a professional-looking, polished book. How highly do you weigh post-press operations in a print company?

ND: We are concerned with the look of the finished product. 

SS: What do organisations prefer: large print company who offer one-stop solutions; or small printers who offer personalised service?

ND: Both. It largely depends on the book and its market requirements.