ProductWatch: Soma Optima

Soma’s Optima series of flexographic printing press

03 Dec 2021 | By Aultrin Vijay

What does it do?
It is used for printing on materials used in packaging for FMCG, pharma, personal care, home care and hygiene, industrial applications, and more.

Explain what it's suitable for.
It’s suitable for all kinds of flexible packaging, labels, paper, shrink sleeves, wrap around labels, sachets, and more.

When was it launched and what market is it aimed at?
The second generation of Optima 2 with Advanced Bounce Control system was recently launched and is aimed at bringing intelligent automation, higher productivity, less downtime and increased profitability to the flexible packaging and printing industry.

Is its technology relevant for Indian packaging?
Yes. Soma Optima is the perfect fit and need of the hour for the Indian flexible packaging industry.

What’s the USP?
Advanced Bounce Control System, intelligent automation, IRIS, S-mount, unique ink saving cartridge, and many more.

How easy is it to use?
The press is designed keeping a major focus on operator friendliness, quicker turnarounds, and ergonomics.

Assembly line speed.
350 m/min to 600 m/min, depending on the Optima version

What kind of maintenance support did you offer (especially during the pandemic months)?
Along with the remote support from all our clients, we have a dedicated sales and after sales service team located all over India to support our customers.

What’s the price?
It depends on the Optima version and other technical specifications of the press.

How many installations thus far?
We have completed our first installation in India in the beginning of 2021.

Contact person
Amit Bera, manager, business development – technology, DKSH
Mobile: +91 8097599223
Email ID: