Product Review: Vegra APL dispersion coatings

Vegra APL Printing Solutions is a very new company so are the products. The company was launched on the opening day of Printpack India 2013. The range includes dispersion coatings, fountain solutions, specific purpose coatings, cleaning and maintenance products and printing aids.

26 Feb 2013 | By Rahul Kumar

Who is it targeted at?
Newspaper and high-end packaging & commercial printer will be on our target.

What are the available compositions?
Dispersion coatings, UV coatings, fountain solutions, rapid washes and printing aids

What is the USP of the products?
Coatings are flexible, migration free and odorless and press room chemicals are FOGRA approved and corrosion inhibitor.

How flexible is the product? Can the product be custom built as per the customers’ requirement?
Yes, it can be custom built. Fountain solution can be built/adjusted according to the hardness of water and type of machines; coating is for both systems – online and offline coater; and rapid washes are for both systems – manual and automatic.

What is the eco-friendly confidential? Explain the features.
Eco-friendly features include odorless and migration free coatings, alcohol free fountain solutions and VOC (volatile organic compounds) rapid washes.

How is it easy to use?
Our all products are user, machine and environmental friendly.

What training/service support offer?
We always standardize the product according to customer’s need and provide a live demo at the customer machine.