Product Review - Five Star exercise book binding and folding machine

This exercise booking binding and folding machine, which made its debut at the show, is available in variable models, it depends on what the customer wants, says NS Khurana of Five Star Printing Machinery

01 Mar 2013 | By Noel D'Cunha

When was the product launched?

The exercise book binding and folding machine has made its debut at PrintPack India 2013.

Who is it targeted at?

All note book manufacturers.

What are the available compositions?

There are variable models, depends on customers’ requirement.

What is the USP of the product?

You can do binding; nipping and folding in one go on this machine. It saves you the labour cost and makes production more accurate. Importantly, we use Hohner stitching heads.

What is the speed?

You can easily run this machine at 5,000 pieces an hour.

How about productivity?

The machine provides fast and accurate job set up.

How flexible is the product? Can the product be custom built as per the customer’s requirement? 

Yes, it can be customised. This machine can be scaled up to 12 stitching heads; it depends on the customer’s requirement. More stitching heads mean a lengthier machine.

What are its eco-friendly credentials?

Being a total mechanical machine it consumes less power as compare to pneumatic one.

Explain the features.

This machine is applicable for the binding of books, periodicals and notebooks bound with iron wire. It is featured by manual work saving, high efficiency and good binding appearance.

Other feature includes flat paper feeding, automatic streamline process of binding, paper folding and flat pressing, full set of imported electric appliances, PLC programmable and imported nail binding head.

How easy is it to use?

Being an indigenous machine, it is very easy to use.

What training/service support is on offer?

We provide on- and off-site training.

How many customers worldwide? In India?

The machine has been launched at this show and we have booked few machines at PrintPack India 2013.



Book Size: Maximum 590x600mm and minimum 10x230mm

Number of stitching heads: 6

Stitching position: Adjustable

Stitched book thickness: 5mm

Speed: 2500-5000 copies/hour

Power supply: 6.0hp