Product review - Kumar Labels' NB-330 rotary die-cutting machine

NB-330, the rotary die-cutting machine under brand Hassle Free Technologies is second and improved version of earlier launched rotary die-cutting machine,” says Anuj Bhargava, owner, Kumar Labels to PrintWeek India.

01 Mar 2013 | By Rahul Kumar

When was the product launched?
The product was launched at Label Expo India 2012.

Who is it targeted at?
All Label Printers, especially those who do short runs and currently use flat-bed die-cutting machines, are on our target.

What are the available compositions?
Right now there is just one model NB-330 Ver.

What is the USP of the product?
The USPs of the machine is that it used one common magnetic cylinder for all repeat sizes. It takes 5-7 minutes to set up a job and the chances for through-cuts are zero.

What is the speed?
The speed of the die cutting machine is 220 impressions per minute (approximately 45 metres per minute on 200mm repeat).

How about productivity?
The machine provides super fast job set up (less than 10 minutes); and performs at 1.5x the working speeds of flat-bed die-cutters.

How flexible is the product? Can the product be custom built as per the customer’s requirement? 
Yes, it can be customised.

What are its eco-friendly credentials?
As it uses less tooling, less space and less production time, the consumption of energy per unit label is lesser.

Explain the features.
Repeats of 50mm to 340mm on a single magnetic, rotary/flexible die, instant pressure set up, no “full-cuts”, usable by un-skilled operators with minimum training!

How easy is it to use?
An unskilled operator can be trained within an hour. No “practice” or “golden hands” or “ustad ji” required.

What training/service support is on offer?
We provide one year standard warranty, on-site support within 12 hours for the NCR region, remote electrical maintenance through online-software support system.

How many customers worldwide? In India?
Two installations in India and one overseas so far...

Name some key customers in India...
Gopsons Papers, Noida


Web width: 330mm
Repeats: 50mm to 340mm in Intermittent Mode and from 70T to 132T (418mm) in full rotary mode
Foot Print: Less than 1 square meter
Power Consumption: 380V, 3-phase, 7kw (maximum)
Working speed: Maximum 220IPM
Accuracy: >0.2mm
Weight: 780kgs approximately