Product Review: Brausse 1050SE / 1050FCA

Brausse 1050SE / 1050FCA - automatic die-cutter with stripper and foil stamping facility

01 Mar 2013 | By Noel D'Cunha


V Vaidy of Suba Solution tells PrintWeek India during that this versatile kit being showcased at the show, is equipped with several productivity enhancing features like die-chase loader, pre-setting table for stripping and yet is very reliable and affordable.

When was the machine launched?
In India it was launched by Suba Solutions in April 2011.

Who is it targeted at?
Packaging printers involved in folding carton production and three-ply corrugated carton production.

What are the available configurations and sizes?
The machine is available in two configurations: automatic die-cutter with or without stripper and auto die-cutter with stripper and with foil stamping and available in two sizes – 29x41inch and 43x57inch.

What is the USP of the press?
The machine is versatile, equipped with several productivity enhancing features like die-chase loader, pre-setting table for stripping etc and yet very reliable and affordable.

What is the speed?
The rated speed of the machine for die-cutting with stripping is 7,500 sheets per hour. Practically the speed depends on several parameters like substrate, carton design, number of ups, if the job is laminated or not etc. 

How about productivity?
The output for a die cutter can be one-lakh sheets per day. In fact one of our users has churned out 120 million cartons with our automatic die-cutter and folder-gluer in about nine months. Of course it all depends on several factors other than the machine capability, like nature of job, kind of substrates, length of run, no. of changeovers, operator efficiency etc.

How flexible is the machine? Can the machine be custom built as per the customer’s requirement? (with regards to perfecting, automation, software etc)
The machine can be configured according to the customer's requirement. By this the customer can choose different optional features according to the type of stock they would punch, length of run of each job etc. But there is not much customisation involved in the machine. The model is already a standardised product and is sold and used all over the world.

What are its eco-friendly credentials?
Eco-friendly credentials?  You can operate these through solar power and wind power! Jokes apart, advanced electronic components are used to ensure that the machine uses minimum power. For example, in foil stamper, the zonal heating system is in place and according to the area to be stamped only certain portion of the heater chase needs to be activated.

Also in the foil stamper the six / eight roll rewinding station is an option that could be used by companies who seek to conform to standards such as the BRC (British Retail Consortium). 

Explain the features of the machine.
The machine has as a sound basic structure with max force of 300 tonnes. It is designed to handle heavy stock even up to 2.4 mm card board and uses 4+1 plate system and centre line register system for quick changeover of repeat jobs. Equipped with productivity enhancing features like pre-loading device, non-stop feeder and non-stop delivery, it has electric pressure adjustment is a standard feature. The machines are CE certified assuring users of highest safety.

Foil rewinding stations are also available optionally.
Additionally there are productivity enhancing features like die-chase loaders and pre-setting tables for stripping etc which enable offline makereadies thereby reducing machine down time.  

It can handle corrugated stock of up to a thickness of 5 mm.

How easy is it to use?
The machines are easy to use. The HMI has some functions like "new operator assist" etc, which enables operators to understand the machine. Of course the technical team of Suba Solutions offers comprehensive training to the operators.

What training/service support is on offer?
Suba Solutions who are the exclusive agents of Shanghai Eternal Machinery, has a 25 member technical team at different levels and locations to handle the various service and support requirements of the customers.  With a service support system in place customers are assured of committed support.

How many installations worldwide? In India?
Several hundred Brausse auto die-cutting and automatic foil stamping machines are working all over the world including advanced countries like USA, Canada, Germany, Australia. In India we are approaching the 25 number mark in less than 2 years of the launch in April 2011.

Name some key customers in India...
Our valuable include P R Packagings, Wide Angle Packaging (part of York Group), Mytec, Salem Print Pack, Dynamic Mono cartons, Stora Enso Inpac, Srinivasa Fine Arts etc.

Specification for: 1050SE / 1050FCA

Max paper size:       1050x750mm
Min paper size:        400×370mm
Max cutting size: 1041x730mm
Min gripper margin: 9mm
Size of cutting plate: 1080x736mm
Stock range: 0.1-2mm
Max pressure: 300 tonnes
Max speed: 7,500 cycles/hour