Product of the month: Thea-9one8 rotogravure printing press

Kohli Industries spent two years meeting operators and engineers globally to understand what they would like to see changed or added on a gravure press, and based on this data, Thea-9one8 was designed, Kaku Kohli, managing director, Kohli Industries, tells Rahul Kumar

02 Jan 2023 | By PrintWeek Team

What does the machine do?
Thea-9one8 rotogravure press prints on a wide range of flexible substrates, such as polyester, BOPP, paper, PE, MDOPE, PVC and others. The printing speed of the press varies from 400- to 600-mpm.

Which are the different models?
We offer different gravure presses starting from printing speed of 300-to 600-mpm, including the Thea-9one8, which has printing speeds of 400- to 600-mpm.

How do these models differ from each other?
The main difference, of course, is the printing speed of the printing presses. Besides the speed, there is also a difference in the level of automation required by customers.

Is there anything in the machine which is available as a standalone?
Most of our gravure presses are modular in design. Our customers can start with our basic machine and easily add on different levels of automation as required in the future. The only thing that cannot be changed or added in the future is any change in the web width or printing speed.

When was the machine launched?
We launched Thea-9one8 in September 2020. Though it was in the middle of the pandemic lockdown, we conducted many online open houses for different Thea-9one8s that were under production. During our open house in November 2021, we achieved printing speeds of 500-mpm using water-based inks and 650-mpm using solvent- based inks.

What was the thought process when the press was conceived?
The Thea-9one8 has been designed by Kohli Industries based on actual concepts conceived by machine operators and machine maintenance engineers. It took us more than two years to meet operators and engineers globally to understand what they would like to see changed or added on a gravure press, and based on this huge data we collected, the Thea-9one8 was designed.

What is the target market(s)?
With Thea-9one8, we are looking at the whole world as our market, including Europe.

What kind of substrates can it handle?
It can handle almost all flexible materials, such as PET, BOPP, PVC, Paper, MDOPE and others

What training and support are on offer?
At Kohli, we are not just selling a press to the customer. We offer an extensive and detailed training programme to our customers’ team, not only for the operation of our machines but also for its maintenance

What are the USPs of the press?
The Thea-9one8s is built as a concept of ease: ease of operation, ease of changeover, ease of registration, ease of production, ease of information and ease of maintenance.

How much does it cost?
We have different price points for our gravure presses depending on the web width, number of colours, printing speeds and the level of automation required

Users’ numbers worldwide?
In the last five decades, we have over 1,600 installations in 38 countries. In terms of Thea-9one8, we have sold 12 machines so far.

Technical specifications:
Speed: 300- to 600-mpm. Web width: 800- to 1,500-mm. Substrates: Wide range of flexible materials, such as PET, BOPP, PVC, MDOPE, PE and paper.

Contact details:
For domestic (within India): Pratik Shah : +91 9820034895,
Beena Kumar : +91 9920322068, For exports (outside India): Kaku Kohli, +91 9820152585,