Product of the Month: Novacut 106 3.0 flatbed die-cutter

You never know what sort of packaging product your customer is likely to entrust you with, at any time. Having the equipment to get the job done becomes vital, and Bobst’s newest version of the Novacut 106, the version 3.0 is a must-have, Venugopal Menon, business director, BU sheetfed – Indian subcontinent at Bobst tells PrintWeek India.

25 Jul 2019 | By PrintWeek India

What does the Novacut 106 3.0 do?It is a high-speed automatic flatbed die-cutter which can die-cut paper, paperboard and corrugated board materials.

Which are the other higher or lower models of the die-cutters?
We have four levels of technology at Bobst for the flatbed die cutters starting from the Novacut range to Visioncut, Expertcut and Mastercut.

How do the models differ?
They differ in terms of production speeds, automation, process of stripping and blanking, and the way the sheets are registered before introduction into the platen.

How fast is the Novacut 106 3.0?
Novacut 106 runs up to a maximum speed of 
8,000 sph. If you are planning to produce 20-million or more die-cut sheets a year then Novacut is a kit that has the capacity to cater to that kind of volumes.

What are the upgrades?
Some of the key upgrades are: a new feeder suction head design used in the higher models – Expertcut and Mastercut – has been incorporated which enable the Novacut to handle heavier and warped boards much better; new integrated ‘pull and push’ guide for both solid and corrugated board; a step-less pile-up and down in both feeder and delivery, thus minimising stoppage and misfeeds; an automatic locking and unlocking of the chase, lower counter plates and stripping tools, which ensures faster turnaround; a 1-mm plate micrometric settings which do not require screw unlocking or tightening; locking and adjusting dedicated tools for stripping without the need of a frame; a new sheet size format of up to 1060x760 mm, and a new HMI 22” PLC screen with multiple new features.

When was Novacut launched?
The Novacut 106 made its debut at Drupa 2008. The latest third-generation 3.0 version of Novacut 106 was launched in 2019.

Lowest cost per unit of production?
The only way to be cost-efficient or to produce the cheapest per unit is when productivity is high, that is, produce more in less time, in a given period, with fewer people, space, power. This reduces variable cost, which is increasing year-on-year. 
We have done various simulations with our customers to showcase how Bobst machine can be the most cost-efficient with a given volume.

What is the USP of the navigate 106 3.0?
Reliability and high productivity; promises the best and lowest cost per unit of production and has the fastest turnaround and the set-up time of repeat jobs in its category.

What training and support are on offer?
Bobst India has a dedicated team of more than 30 service technicians and two process specialist across the country supporting Bobst converting machines. Also in place is the Competence Centre in Pune which offers the machine for a demo, job trials and runs operator training courses.

How easy is it to use?
It’s operator-friendly and has a number of safety features incorporated. For example, the Bobst centre line principle, quick lock setting, job recall functions and other automations are easy to understand and operate.

What is a double cam sector drive advance system?
This is the mechanism which drives the gripper bar of the machine. The die-cutter is a stop-go-stop-go movement unlike in printing machine where the gripper is a continuous movement (when a die-cutter runs at 7,200 sph two sheets are die-cut every second and for this the gripper bar stops twice every second when the impression is taken). The double cam ensures smooth acceleration and de-acceleration of the gripper bar movement thus ensuring smooth sheet transfer. This drive mechanism also ensures that the stop of the gripper bar is without any vibrations thus ensuring a perfect registration at full speed throughout the life of the machine.

How does the Novacut 106 3.0 work?
It’s an automatic flatbed die-cutter, which works on the principle of automatic suction feeding. It’s unique Bobst principle of – double cam advance system with sector drive – ensures smooth sheet transfer at high speed thus ensuring finer nicks on the carton and exact positioning of the gripper bar without any vibration when it stops, thus ensuring perfect registration on die-cutting year after year.

What are the target markets for the Novacut 106 3.0?
Novacut sold worldwide to companies specialising in folding carton and or commercial printers diversifying into the packaging market. It’s aimed at serious players in the folding carton businesses that are looking for faster turnaround and high productivity with the best cost-efficiency.

What’s the installation numbers of the various Novacut machines in India? 
The Novacut  was introduced to the Indian market in 2008. Bobst has more than 150 Novacut machines installed and running in India. 


Converting sizes: 1060x760 mm

Material processing
Paper thickness: up to 80 gsm
Paperboard thickness: up to 2,000 gsm board
Corrugation thickness: up to B flute 4 mm thick

Max speed standard: 8,000 sh / hrCutting force: 260 MT
Pile height: 1,400 mm (base) and 1,800 (optional for elevated)
Size of the machine (L-W-H): 6.4 x 6.1 x 2.7 mtr
Net Weight: 18 MT