Product of the Month: ML2 Evolution from Comexi

Comexi’s new ML2 Evolution helps converters broaden their portfolio of flexible packaging products with a wide range of lamination and coating options, Albert Chicote, BU laminating and coatings director, Comexi, explains to Rahul Kumar

13 Apr 2023 | By Rahul Kumar

What does the machine do?
The new ML2 is an all-in-one laminator. It can laminate with all kinds of adhesives — solvent-based, water-based or solvent-less. It can also perform a wide range of coating and in-register applications, such as cold-seal, ink or varnishes.

Which are the different models?
The ML2 is configurable from six- to nine-metre tunnels. This allows it to be adapted to different market demands. Additionally, the ML2 Evolution can work with a maximum web width of 930-, 1,330 or 1530-mm. Width, tunnel length and reel handling capabilities (turret splice, pick-up winders or shaftless) are the major changes in the different configurations.

When was the lamination machine launched?
The ML2 Evolution was launched 18 months ago.

What was the thought process behind making the lamination machine?
In the last couple of years, thick paper and recycled, stretchable films are becoming more and more popular. Thus, we had to bear in mind these circumstances to cope with these challenges — high tension range for thick paper, and state-of-the-art tension control for the stretchable ones.

What is the target market(s)?
The machine has been created for those looking for a comprehensive lamination solution, and a wide range of options in both laminates and lacquers.

What kind of substrates can it handle?
Nowadays, the flexible packaging market is dynamic. At every turn, there is a blossoming of new packaging solutions. This is a challenge for converters, as these solutions come to the marketplace, converters must be ready to fulfil these requirements. The ML2 Evolution can cope with these, besides the above-mentioned recycled films and thick paper or cardboard.

How fast is it?
The machine can reach up to 450-m/min.

How easy is it to use?
Ease of use, a short learning curve and process automation were the key concepts in designing the machine. It incorporates new options that will facilitate the conversion of flexible packaging. These include the Comexi Closed Loop, which allows automatic adjustment of the adhesive weight without solvents and maintains it throughout production, and the automatic mark-to-mark registration adjustment system for cold-seal, which avoids operator intervention and greatly reduces material waste and loss of adjustment time. Both systems are intended to facilitate job setup and make the machines more automatic.

What are the USPs of the lamination machine?
The ML2 Evolution is a versatile machine. It can be configured not only to laminate two or more materials with solvent-based, water-based or solvent-free adhesives, but also to lacquer, print in one colour with flexo or gravure technology, in register or continuously, and all with a single production line. It has an ergonomic design to perform daily operations with maximum speed, in a simple and intuitive way, maximising production and minimising downtime.

What training and support are on offer?
Comexi offers complete training in machine operation and maintenance. Additionally, there is a production support package that offers a complete training assessment of lamination and productivity. Our technological centre, CTec, provides extensive knowledge, not only to achieve the highest laminating performance, but also to create a variety of new applications with the expertise of other processes, such as pre-press, printing and slitting.

How much does it cost?
It depends on the final configuration. As a guide, it can go from Rs 4,00,000 up to Rs 8,00,000. There are even more complicated ones with higher pricing.

Users’ numbers worldwide?
We are selling more than 25 units every year, and we expect an even higher number for 2023.

Contact details
Albert Chicote
BU laminating and coatings director, Comexi
Phone: +34 680904692