Product of the month: Manroland Evolution Sheetfed model R 700

The R 700 Evolution press was launched in 2015 as the successor to the HiPrint series. Peter Rego of Manroland tells Rahul Kumar why it is the world’s most technologically advanced press in this segment

17 Aug 2022 | By PrintWeek Team

What does the machine do?
The R 700 Evolution press is the latest from Manroland. It is the world’s most technologically advanced press in this segment. Launched in 2015 as the successor to the HiPrint series, the Evolution is a 4.0 industrial press with AI and remote services for predictive maintenance and monitoring. Each press is configured based on the customer’s needs. It is a 100% German machine — synonymous for its precision and quality.

The machine can print, coat with conventional or UV, IML-ready, cold foil and overprint on foil, emboss/die-cut, inspect each sheet for defects and tag the ones with errors automatically, observe, monitor and correct colour and register in a closed loop automatically without operator interference, and numbering online. Comes in various sizes depending on customers’ needs and speeds range from 15,000 to 20,000-sph.

Which are the different models?
There are three different models, one is the Spark/Lite model, the Elite model and finally the Speed model.

How do these models differ from each other?
The Spark/Lite model is for those who only want to print with conventional inks and coatings and up to six colours with coater. For a hybrid/combi press, we offer the Elite version, which can go up to 16 or more units and finally, the speed version, which is for long run jobs at 20,000-sph. All the models come from one common manufacturing line in our factory/foundry at Offenbach, close to Frankfurt Airport, Germany and have the same unit structure and design. Each unit of any model weighs a massive 7.2 tonnes each unit — that’s heavy-duty stuff.

Is there anything in the machine which is available as a standalone?
Since the press is highly automated with AI integration, most of the features are standard on the press, apart from quality control and management systems, which can be integrated if needed at a later date.

When was the printing press launched?
The Evolution R 700 Series was launched in 2015, and is much more advanced than its predecessor, the HiPrint Series, which was famous in India, where big houses like Borkar, Parksons, IPP, TCPL, and Ajanta Offset are still running it successfully.

What was the thought process when the press was conceived?
Reducing touch points and operator dependence with intelligent automation, reduced wastage and reduced power, faster makereadies and wash ups, sturdy reliable feeder for less/no stoppages and to get optimum out of the press in terms of productivity and profitability were the main goals while conceiving this press. And, of course, the main reason where a Manroland press beats the rest with its top class unmatched, consistent print quality is that we have many innovations on the inking unit to remove/reduce stripes, etc, which are issues on other presses for sensitive colours and hues.

What is the target market(s)?
Though initially the main target customers were the big industrial packaging houses, with today’s Evolution press, we can cater to any segment with ease, be it commercial, packaging or publishing. What kind of substrates can it handle? Any substrate that you think you can print on, from 0.04-mm right up to 1-mm with a fully automated feeder, gripper system, which is unique and motorised to handle any substrate in this spectrum.

How fast is it?
The machine can go up to 20,200-sph, but more important are the features on the press that prevent unnecessary stoppages, reduce wastage and power, and actually print two lakh sheets or more on an average per day.

What are the USPs of the press?
Each feature is a USP. Some of these are as follows. There is auto sheet arrival control with auto size and air settings for the entire press. It is a consumables-free press. We tried and tested the brush wash system, eliminating the use of clothes. Due to the patented ink train system, there is no need for any foils in the ink duct or servo motors, as there is no ink spillage on these, thanks to the unique ink train design and technology. Therefore, there are no recurring costs or downtimes for these changes. Fibre optics have been used for fast reaction times on the press, reducing makeready time and changeover time. The ink train has auto separation for every stop.

Declutching of the ink train is an option to reduce wear and tear on rollers when not in use. The Triple Ink Flow controls inking even on the most sensitive jobs or substrates. The Ink Reverse Sweep Technology is patented technology for faster ink changes, agitation of inks and reducing hickeys. The Directdrive technology facilitates for short-run jobs where plates can be changed while blanket, impression and rollers wash simultaneously

How easy is it to use?
It is operator-friendly. The new Press Pilot comes with the swiping technology like a smartphone. There are symbols along with 27 languages which explain each feature on the press. In-built in the Press Pilot, there is a Training Master software, which guides the operator if needed. Once you enter the length, width and stock thickness of the sheet, the press sets itself up automatically

What training and support are on offer?
Based on operator skill level, we can have in-house training, wherein our team can train the customers team. On a broader perspective, for every new machine, we have a set maintenance chart every quarter, wherein Manroland Germany and Manroland India share OEE, and other enhancement parameters with customers to increase productivity, while our team guides the customers team over the entire duration of warranty and beyond, if needed

How much does it cost?
It depends on what you want to get out of the press.

Users’ numbers worldwide?
The Evolution R 700 series was launched in 2015. Till last year, we had sold more than 5,000 units globally. This year too, the figures look good. Manroland Sheetfed India has already started making inroads with new sales in India

Contact details
Peter Rego Director, business development Manroland Sheetfed India Mob + 91 9820089274