Product of the Month: GUK Multimaster 38

The Multimaster 38 leaflet folding machine is a German product being sold at Indian price points, says P Sajith, director, Impel-Welbound, which represents GUK in India

03 Apr 2019 | By PrintWeek India

When was the machine launched?
The Multimaster 38 was conceptualised by combining the expertise of GUK insert/ miniature folders and MB Bäuerle commercial folders. MB Bäuerle was bought by GUK a couple of years ago. The M38 has already been in the European and US markets. GUK decided to launch this model as a commercially attractive option for the Indian market. It’s a German product at Indian price points. 

Who is it targeted at?
It is targeted at offset printers who produce product information literature or leaflets for pharmaceutical or other products. It also can be used to produce miniature booklets. Wherever the number of folds exceeds the regular two or three buckles, this product becomes a must-have. 

What is the USP of the machine?
In the small format, miniature folding segment GUK is the world’s technology leader, thanks to their best-in-class fold rollers manufactured in Wellendingen, in the Black Forest area of Germany. The machines handle a variety of substrates and can fold it accurately down to a very small width of 1.8cm. And these machines can easily replace two or three machines of similar configuration at an Indian customer’s place.

What training and service support is on offer?
Installation of these machines will be done by GUK’s Indian partner Impel-Welbound. They have a specialised team of engineers who have been trained by GUK in their facilities in Germany and the US.

How about productivity?
Like other GUK miniature folders, Multimaster 38 is fastest in its class, and the fold-accuracy - the best. 

What is the speed?
The machine can run at 200 metres per minute - the small sheets are folded multiple times in multiples of ten thousands every hour. 

What are the available configurations and sizes?
The Multimaster 38 comes in two types of roller configurations 30 and 40, based on the end-use requirements. The maximum paper size is 38x65cm and the minimum folded width is 1.8cm, which is one of the smallest one can look for. We have a standard configuration of suction feeder, alignment table with options for recognition systems, first stage four or six parallel folds. The second stage can be four more parallel folds and the folded leaflet will be stacked on a GUK vertical stacker. Then there are an array of optional attachments that can be bought along with the machine or added later - including the mobile knife unit.

Which are the top three features of the machine that make it ideal for the Indian market?
The configuration of 6-4 with vertical stacker, productivity, which is in multiples of that of the current machines available on the market and affordable pricing. 

Technical specifications

Maximum paper size: 38x65cm
Minimum paper size: 7x12cm
Maximum fold length: 46.5cm
Maximum fold length: 3.5cm / 1.8 cm
Paper weight: 40 to 250gsm 
Maximum speed: 200 metres per minute
Contact: P Sajith,