Product of the month: Fujifilm Revoria Press PC 1120

The new Revoria Press PC 1120 from Fujifilm is a high-speed digital colour production printer poised to transform the production printing market with its value addition, efficiency and precision, Kentaro Imafuku of Fujifilm India tells Rahul Kumar.

17 Feb 2022 | By PrintWeek India

What does the machine do?
The Revoria Press PC 1120 is a high-speed digital colour production printing machine catering to the high-end professional printing market. It has six stations that enable standard CMYK printing with overlays and underlays of specialty colors. These include gold, silver, clear, white, pink and textured. All of this is done in one pass, thereby creating a variety of special effects. Thus, this product sits atop the digital production-printing segment. The machine is poised to transform the production printing market with its value addition, efficiency and precision.

Which are the different models?
Currently, the Revoria Press PC 1120 is available in different configurations that enable different types of feeding and finishing with a choice of finishing options to the customer. 

How do these models differ from each other?
Depending upon the application type, job run lengths, the customer can choose between shuttle-feeding technology, standard feeding, staple finishing, booklet finishing, de-curlers, stackers and a unique static eliminator designed for non-paper substrates, such as films and metallic, and a variety of other options. 

Is there anything in the machine which is available as a standalone, if the machine is modular?
There is a basic standard configuration available. However, the machine is modular and scalable as well. To support printing companies in their business expansion, and to increase productivity with new applications, there are built-in tools like artificial intelligence for special colour simulation and other automation technology in the system. Fujifilm has designed the Revoria to provide quality using various tools.

When was the machine launched?
In India, the machine was launched in December 2021.

What was the thought process when the machine was conceived?
The basic design idea was to cater to the CMYK+ market, where the customers had the flexibility to do more than standard CMYK printing, with the possibility of metallic colours like gold and silver, and other useful colours like white, clear (for specialty print), pink (for gamut expansion) and textured paper toner (for print enhancement on textured media). All with the ability to create underlays and overlays and deliver a variety of effects, done through a single-pass with minimal fuss and maximum ease of use. 

What is the target market(s)?
Primarily, the commercial offset printer with strong pre-press can use the machine for short-runs and create a differentiated value. Other segments include quick printing and photos labs. Given Fujifilm’s legacy in photo, there have been elements built in the RIP that can handsomely cater to the photo segment 

What kind of substrates can it handle?
It can take 52 to 400-gsm. With the utilisation of a static eliminator, one can print on films and on some non-paper substrates as well. 

Installation numbers worldwide?  
The product has just been launched. We expect a sizable install base in the coming months. We have installed one machine at Print Mart in New Delhi. 

What training and support are on offer?
We offer both hardware and software training for the users.

How easy is it to use?
The equipment is designed for ease of use where colour changing/station changes can be done in minutes by the operator. Our practical experience of colour change is under five minutes (between special colors), which is unheard of in the industry. The beauty is in the Revoria PC Flow, which is a bespoke, homegrown RIP from Fujifilm with its rich R&D experience. This RIP allows for file creation, preparation, ripping, concurrent usage, imposition, compostion, conversions, design interfaces, at fast speeds. 

What is the USP of the machine?
In the machine, you can do six-colour printing, creating a variety of effects through overlays and underlays on standard CMYK in one pass at fast speeds. Further, the machine features AI-enabled automatic image correction for photos. A photograph is automatically enhanced based on its existing condition, such as the image being too dark or too bright, backlight exposure, correction of skin tones, and bringing out the hues in blue skies. In short, the USP of the machine is value addition and versatility, with maximum ease of use. 

How fast is it?
The press prints at 120-ppm (A4) and can do 60-ppm SRA3 with full six colours. 

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