Product of the month: Diamironco-extruded multilayer flat films from Mitsubishi Chemical

Munira Rangwala, assistant manager (business development), Nagase India, tells to Rahul Kumar how the Diamironco-extruded multilayer flat films from Mitsubishi Chemical can handle processed meat, seafood, dairy products, and medical devices

16 Nov 2022 | By PrintWeek Team

What does the product do/ what is the use?
Thermoforming and skinpack films.

Which are the different models?
There are three grades of Diamiron. Diamiron-1, DMR-1 is microwavable. It is a specialised product-based on the application. Diamiron-2, DMR-2 is for chilled type packaging with EVOH barrier. Diamiron-3, DMR-3 is for frozen product types.

How do these models differ from each other’s?
It depends on the end application, temperature of processing, OTR and WTR levels. All products can be customised based on customers application and requirements. They do not require lamination with other films. DMR-1 is a retortable and high- barrier film because of the MXD barrier layer. DMR-2 is anti-curing and high- barrier. DMR-3 is pinhole resistant under frozen conditions as the outer layer is PE layer. All the different variations have easy peel function.

When was the product launched?
The product was launched in Thailand in April 2020.

What was the thought process when the product was conceived?
Originally, the thermoform package started in the European market.After this packaging style penetrated the Japan market, Mitsubishi Chemical Group realised the potential of such a unique packaging style and worked on the different novelty possibilities.So, Mitsubishi worked on developing thermoforming grades catering to different applications and compositions. This made the company gather a good market share in the Japanese market and then moved over to ASEAN markets.

What is the target market(s)?
The target markets include packaged foods and the medical devices segment.

What kind of applications can it handle?
The product can handle processed meat, processed seafood, dairy products, medical devices and so on.

How fast/reliable is it?
It depends on the customer usage and application area. For example, one of our customers has tested Diamiron for their chicken packaging application and they have reduced their wastage.

What are the USPs of the product?
The USPs include anti-pinhole under frozen condition, easy open function, hygienic, transparency, reduce wrinkle formation and vacuum loss, microwaveable and retortable.

How easy is it to use?
Diamiron has a similar working procedure as with other makers. By using DMR, the output seems better, which depends on the customers’ specifications, requirements, and applications. Along with thermoforming films, we also produce skinpack films. The USP of the skinpack film is that it offers better, nicer and premium finish in terms of appearance

What training and support are on offer?
We offer training and support such as marketing, warehousing and distribution and packaging laboratory for testing, designing, prototype and troubleshooting.

How much does it cost?
Thermoforming package is high productivity and has a possibility of reducing total production cost at foods and medical devices customers.

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