Product of the month: Coating solutions for paper and paperboard from Michelman

Aditi Ullal, assistant manager, marketing, Michelman explains to Rahul Kumar how Michelman water-based coatings, by virtue of being recyclable and re-pulpable, are an alternative solution to current wax, PE extrusion coating, and film lamination techniques

31 Aug 2020 | By PrintWeek Team

What do the coating solutions do?
Water-based technologies for paper and paperboard are gaining acceptance because of the increasing demand for sustainability and recyclability. Michelman water-based coatings are recyclable and re-pulpable, they are an alternative solution to current wax, PE extrusion coating, and film lamination techniques.

The packaging combines the best aspects of two materials: environmentally friendly paperboard and barrier properties of water-based coatings. Coatings offer paperboard packaging improved water barrier for seafood, fruits, and deep freeze applications like ice cream tubs and frozen food. These coatings also provide excellent print receptivity and can even enhance the aesthetics of the product. 

Which are the different variants?
How do these variants differ from each other? Michelman has coatings for a wide range of applications. These include water-repellent, heat-seal coatings, oil and grease resistant, scuff resistant coatings, print receptive coatings, and barrier coatings. These coatings vary in their properties depending on customer’s requirements. 

When was the coating solution launched?
Michelman has been specialising in water-based coatings since more than 70 years. Michelman innovation centre for coatings (MICC) is a place where our expertise in water-based coatings converges to help our customers excel in the diverse range of markets they serve with sustainable and responsible solutions.

As a global developer and manufacturer of environment-friendly advanced materials for industry, we offer solutions for the coatings, printing and packaging, and industrial manufacturing markets. 

How easy is it to use?
Most of Michelman coatings can be applied on the substrate via gravure, flexo or air knife coating processes. 

What kind of substrates & processes it can handle?
Michelman coatings are available for almost all flexible packaging substrates like paper, paperboard, films, foils, etc. 

What is the USP of the coating solution?
Paperboard with water-based coatings provides good barrier properties and is the best combination for environmentally friendly packaging structures. Water-based coatings can be recycled and re-pulped, and are an alternative solution to current wax, PE extrusion coating, and film lamination. 

What is the target market(s)?
There is a substantial opportunity in the area and good potential in market, a lot of brand owners and converters are aware of water based coatings and are already using them for modifying their packaging structure. With the plastic management regulations in place more and more companies are switching to recyclable paper packaging structures.

The flexible packaging industry is now booming, and people are keen to invest in innovative flexible packaging structure. 

Any specific recent example of an application of the coating?
Michelman’s HydraBan is a brand of water-based coatings, specifically designed for paper and paperboard. These coatings provide water repellency, excellent gluability, printability, and offer food contact compliant options. These properties make Hydraban ideal for the corrugate and paperboard packaging of seafood, fruits, frozen food, and deep-freeze applications such as ice cream.

A recent and important application is corrugate-based hospital beds for hospitals and quarantine centers. Michelman’s HydraBan paper coating has helped increase the performance of beds created by Aryan Paper and BN Pack, as these companies have taken an active role in India’s Covid-19 response. The HydraBan coating applied on the paperboard makes the beds water-resistant to withstand mopping and disinfecting for repeated use. These 100% recyclable beds are incredibly lightweight — easily lifted by a single person — but very strong and durable, supporting over 200-kg. 

What training and support are on offer?
Michelman has invested in MICC (Michelman Innovation Centre for Coatings) where we develop water-based coatings for printing and packaging. Our facility has a state-of-theart pilot coating line, a formulation and application lab and a finishing line. MICC is open to all brand owners, converters and film manufacturers. Collaboration with Michelman’s technical and market experts accelerate the concept-tocommercialisation cycle with innovations to produce packaging that offers: • Recyclable structures • Brand appeal and enhanced graphics • Increased shelf life and food safety • Increased productivity and efficiency • Waste reduction and down-gauging 

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