Product of the month: Bobst Nova RS 5003 rotogravure

Designed to replace Bobst’s bestselling RS 5002 press, the Nova RS 5003 is a gravure printing press that delivers print on a variety of flexible materials, and comes with operator-oriented overall press design, including include TAPS (Total Automatic Pre-register Setting), the Bobst patented solution that sets the press in register at the touch of a button, explains Nilesh Pinto, business director, web fed business unit - India, Srilanka and Bangladesh, Bobst India to Rahul Kumar

14 Feb 2020 | By PrintWeek Team

Q: What does the machine do?
A: The NOVA RS 5003 is a gravure printing press that delivers print on a variety of flexible materials, including the new eco-friendly packaging substrates. Easy to operate and fast to makeready and changeover, it features Bobst unique solutions for sustainable operation with minimum waste for water-based or solvent-based ink printing applications. 

Q: What is the USP of the machine?
A: The USPs of the machine include TAPS (Total Automatic Pre-register Setting), the Bobst patented solution that sets the press in register at the touch of a button in a few minutes, rapidly and error-free; exclusive drying technology with double airflow; accurate tension control from the unwinder to the rewinder; and twin trolley (unique design granting unprecedented flexibility in job preparation and ink logistics).

Q: When was it introduced to the Indian market?
A: It’s Bobst’s latest offering worldwide, however, this model will be ready for delivery starting in the second half of 2020.

Q: What was the thought process when the machine was conceived?
A: The Nova RS 5003 follows the bestselling RS 5002 press with a view of replacing it with a new press whose functions are even more attuned to the market demand evolution.

Q: How does this new press differ from the previous one? 
A: Better  time-to-market and ease of operation, while decreasing operational costs. New features include TAPS, new styling, brand new automation, new drying system, more sustainable operation, and suitability to water-based ink printing.

Q: What is the target market(s)?
A: The primary target markets are food and non-food high-end flexible packaging. Available worldwide, it is especially suitable for the Asian market for its inking solutions and capabilities with both solvent and water-based ink printing. 

Q: What kind of substrates it can handle?
A: The machine can handle film, including the new eco-friendly and thinner substrates, laminates, and paper.

Q: Speed of the machine?
A: 350 m/min.

Q: Is there anything in the machine which is available as a standalone, if the machine is modular?
A: No machine parts are sold as standalone. All Bobst machines being retrofittable, some of the Nova RS 5003 new features can be retrofitted on previously installed Bobst gravure presses.

Q: Describe how is the machine user-friendly? 
A: The machine has operator-oriented overall press design. TAPS sets the press in register on the push of a button and helps fast job changes with a simple sequence of easy operations. The new SPHERE HMI is immediate and intuitive, simplifying the operator’s task of monitoring product quality and press performance, including creation of a digital twin of produced reels.

Q: Which are the solutions to improve the health and safety of the operator?
A: Lower solvent smell in the printing area down to 400-ppm, noise level down to 80-db (A), make all machine sections easily accessible for cleaning and maintenance and follow full compliance with CE safety standards.

Q: What training and support are on offer?
A: With a Bobst presence in over 50 countries, customers can rely on timely and highly skilled quality services anywhere in the world. 

Q: Which are the main Bobst services available with the machine?
A: Downtime tracking for understanding and solving the root causes with remote monitoring for real-time production, KPIs, alerts and notifications. Maintenance Plus for scheduled maintenance with Bobst certified technicians.

Q: Installation numbers worldwide? How many do you expect to install in 2020-2021?
A: Based on current negotiations in India and Southeast Asia after the launch, we expect strong sales. Over 100 presses of the previous model have been sold. 

Q: Which are the different models?
A: It comes in one model.


  • Web width: 1,060-, 1,260-, 1,360-mm
  • Speed: 350 m/min
  • Web tension: 35 to 350 N
  • Print cylinder repeat: 380- to 940-mm
  • Standard dryer insider lengths: 1.75- to 3.0- m
  • Heating system: Thermal oil, electric, steam 

Contact details
Swapnil Waghmare , Bobst India
Tel +91 20 667 76 156
Mobile +91 99 2296 29 94