Private View: Weikfield Pasta sporty energy

Weikfield Pasta sticks are packed in a PVC carton with a creative use of PET window patch.

07 May 2019 | By WhatPackaging? Team

Weikfield Pasta sporty energy

Amit Kale, associate vice president - packaging and automation, Reliance Industries 
The package comes with attractive four-colour printing, with yellow as the base colour. The colour not only depicts the unique pasta flavour packed inside but also hides the irregularities of a grey back paper.

The pack consists of a PET window patching that shows the inside product and at the same time acts as the mouth opening of the caricature in the artwork, I must say that it is a thoughtfully designed package which is simple and cost-effective.

I feel that the package should have used an embossing or debossing effect. This wouldn’t have added much to the cost and would have provided better aesthetics.

The package is made of PVC, which could have been avoided by using LDPE instead. The pack is offset printed along with varnishing.

There is visibility of cutting marks (scissors) on the carton but no information pertaining to its usage or the reason behind its inclusion is mentioned.

A Grey back-board and PVC pouch have been used in order to contain the product, but only the single layer PVC material of the back can be recycled.

Raju Kalgutkar, chief Manager - packaging development consumer products division, Piramal Enterprises
The brand has shown a good endeavour to incorporate the brand mascot on the front of the pack.

The product visibility is achieved through the “smile-shaped transparent display window” in a unique manner which generates a feeling of being “hungry”.

The product is well protected inside the poly pouch. The cut mark design provided on the carton can help in getting an information pamphlet for kitchen usage. The carton is designed to run on an auto-cartonating line. The selection of colour scheme and the background colour resembles well with the product.