Private View: Popicorn

The popcorns are packed in a graphically clutter-free pillow pouch

11 Jul 2019 | By WhatPackaging? Team

 Sukhdev Singh Saini, Packaging lead, Colgate Palmolive

The product is packed in a rectangular pillow pouch formed on a Vertical FFS machine.

The highlight of the pack is the matte finish and combination of colours. The pouch laminate probably has three layers – matte BOPP, MetPET and poly. 

The MetPET provides a barrier to the product while the three-layer co-extruded structure acts as the sealant layer.

The key messages on the front panel such as ‘Popped in India’, ‘Non-GMO’ and ‘Gluten Free’, works to believe that this ready-to-eat snack is binge-worthy.


Amit Saurkar, Head - packaging development - MTR Foods

The use of special Pantone colours along with the distinct brand name and clutter-free graphics imparts a good shelf appeal. The product shot is reproduced well with the use of gravure printing.

The BOPP matte lamination on top of the printed layer imparts a premium look to the package. All legal mandates are easily identifiable on the back of the pack.    

The overall Pillow pouch gives a good impression of the size of the consumer.

One scope of improvement is that the manufacturer can experiment a matte and gloss combination. This can enhance pack aesthetics further.