Private View: Poof Potato Kettle Chips

Zesty Masala's Pooof Potato Kettle chips are packed in a MetPET pillow pouch. The net weight of the product is 30g and has a expiry period of five months. The product is manufactured and packed by Avante Snacks Foods

05 Sep 2018 | By WhatPackaging? Team

Amit Saurkar
Head - packaging development, MTR Foods

Not only is the brand name distinct but also the graphics of the pack are well thought. It sheds an ample amount of light on the targeted consumer group. The premium look of the pack is nurtured with the use of matt finish. Apart from that, the legal information on the back of the pack is easily identifiable due to the clutter-free presentation. The pack seems to be too big for a 30g product, there is some scope for improvement on its front.

Komal Dalvi
R&D packaging manager, chocolate, AMEA productivity, Mondelez India Foods

This pack seems to be very busy with lots of different messages on it. The use of unique characters differentiates it from other chips packs in the market. The design also helps brand name to stand out in the middle of the pack.  The matte finish gives the pack a classy and premium feel. The only issue with the pack is that it is cumbersome to open. Probably, with deeper V-notches on the sealing bars can act as a remedy for the problem.