Private View: Love and Care Expert Care Wash

Love and Care Expert Care Wash is a fabric wash in a premium container with decorative shrink sleeve

25 Apr 2020 | By WhatPackaging? Team

Beena Dharod, assistant general manager for packaging and production, Topps India Sports and Entertainment Company​

The product is packed in a golden ochre blow moulded container, which has been decorated with a printed shrink sleeve.

The print colours on the sleeve – pink and gold complement the golden screw cap and the colour of the container.

The overall design signifies that the fabric wash is aimed at high maintenance textile such as silk, chiffon, and so on.

The pack design stands out on the shelf because of its graphic and designing.

However, adding a controlled dispensing system along with tamper evidence would have optimised the pack in terms of consumer convenience.


Sujit Ghumkar, packaging technologist

The highlight of this product is that the packaging itself represents the product name.

The golden metallised (measured dosage) cap complements the gold foil sleeved container. It also displays the ethnic nature of the product and its application.

Also, the artwork is excellently executed on the sleeve.

And the highlight of the package is the precise execution of the sleeve on the container.

There is absolutely no bleeding appearance; it does complete justice to the created artwork.

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