Private View: Kurkure Shahi Twistkeen

Soma Roy, associate manager - packaging quality, Marico reviews the technical nitty-gritties, functional aspects and performance of Kurkure Shahi Twistkeen.

Shahi Twistkeen is a baked namkeen product that comes in a unique gusseted pouch.

09 Feb 2019 | By WhatPackaging? Team

Kurkure Shahi Twistkeen

Soma Roy
The pouch comes with an unconventional shape. A distinguishing factor which is unlike in most of the pouches is that the side gusset is given the same look and aesthetics as that of the top and bottom gusset. This offers a ‘snacking from the box’ experience for the consumers.

The image of the snack on the pouch tempts the consumer to try the product. The design and cut of the product printed on the pouch has a lot of depth and provides an appeal for the crunchy product packed inside. The matte lamination on the top of the pack minimises the flashiness of the pack.

However, there exists a scope of improvement. At some areas, the white colour has been overpowered with trapping, which results in losing its effectiveness to connect with the consumer. Also, at the back of the pack, the bold black text reduces the effectiveness of the front panel.