Private View: Eat Any time snack bar

The health bar comes in a reverse tuck-in carton and an easy tear metPET poly pouch

19 Jun 2019 | By WhatPackaging? Team

Amit Kale, associate vice president - packaging and automation, Reliance Industries

The package has excessive use of orange colour, making it more like an orange bar rather than a Health bar. No halftones have been used and the embossing of the brand name could have been done more effectively.

The white backboard is used for good print clarity and aesthetics. The package is offset printed, but, without any use of tonal gradation. The use of lino printing at top and bottom doesn’t add any impact to the aesthetics.

Inside the box, a metPET poly pouch is used, which is in direct contact with the product. Also, the use of laminate makes the package, non-recyclable. But, the box can be recycled completely.


Raju Kalgutkar,  chief Manager - packaging development consumer products division, Piramal Enterprises

The pack stands out on the shelf due to the use of a correct combination of contrasting colours in the background and the branding.

The use of embossing and spot UV helps in gathering focus on the brand name. The use of a thermoformed tray helps in protecting as well as shape formation of the inside pillow pack.

The easy tear pouch and reverse tuck-in carton make the pack extremely easy handle. The side panels are smartly used for highlighting health benefits and the product offering. The product image can be incorporated so that the consumer can have an easy understanding of the offering.