Private View: Britannia Pure magic Chocolush 

The Pure Magic Chocolush comes in a premium looking carton, with pillow packs inside it for each cookie.

06 Jun 2019 | By WhatPackaging? Team

Amit Kale, associate vice president - packaging and automation, Reliance Industries

The multicolour artwork is crafted well and the metallised paper gives a good effect for the depiction of the golden colour, which in turn gives it a rich look. 

The scuff resistance of the package is poor because when you use spot UV then the package should completely varnished, which was lacking here. The embossing is effectively managed and the print registration is excellent. The metPET pouch has a matte finish and it gives a premium feel to the package.

It seems that the dimension of the internal pouch and the outer box dimension is a mismatch. It gives room for damage during transit, as it leaves room for loads of void spaces inside the box.

Raju Kalgutkar, chief Manager - packaging development consumer products division, Piramal Enterprises

The branding 'Chocolush' stands out with the use of gold ink and embossing. The image of the Chocolush cookie gives a perfect idea about the inside product.

The branding is same on the front of the back and the back of the pack, thus it can appeal to consumers, irrespective of the way it is placed on the shelf. The combination of gloss and matte varnish gives a rich and premium look to the pack. 

The graphic design of the pillow packs for individual cookies connotes well with the design of outer carton.
The design of the carton provides tear perforation, which helps the consumer in opening the pack easily.