Private View: Ariel Matic

It is a concentrated detergent liquid for a fully automatic washing machine. The jar is made up of a bi-layer HDPE with a snap-fit PP cap as a dispenser and a PET over cap

26 Apr 2018 | By WhatPackaging? Team

Soma Roy, Associate manager - packaging quality, Marico
This is a smartly designed jar bi-layer HDPE jar which is extremely user-friendly. The jar design and technology is tough to counterfeit. The jar mouth provides metered dispensing. The screw-type PET overcap is leak proof and the textured body adds to the aesthetics and prevents slippage when handled with wet hands. The tapered design of the cap ensures no product retention and unused product flows back to the jar. The ribs inside the PP snap-fit dispensing cap provides strength to the nozzle. Also, it cuts the product flow providing ease of dispensing ease. The drawback of the pack is that the jar appears to be half-filled when it is standing on the shelf. The QR coding on the jar both on the front and back of the pack is unreadable. Furthermore there is no shelf life and expiry date mentioned on the pack, which will raise consumer queries.

Manjeet Sahu, Senior associate director - R&D packaging, Kellogg India
The overall design, ergonomics, and shape of the bottle and cap are impressive. The fill level mark on the handle is simply superb designing. It also acts as a trigger to buy a new pack when the bottle is near empty. The cap comprises of two pieces – primary cap with spout for controlled pouring and the other is an over cap. The primary cap comes with gaps at the bottom, ensuring that even if the bottle is kept upside down, there will be no product wastage, as the product flows back into the container upon making it upright. The over cap is transparent with measuring levels. The die-cut labels enhance the pack aesthetics.