Private View: Amul Kaju Katri

The sweets are packed in a Kaju Katri shaped PP box with a shrink wrap.

23 Apr 2019 | By WhatPackaging? Team

Amit Kale, associate vice president - packaging and automation, Reliance Industries
The product is shaped in a PP box which is of the same shape as that of a Kajukatri. The box is shrink- wrapped with a basic artwork of the sweet ‘Kaju Katri’ that is placed on an Indian festival thali.

The shape of this box is the USP of this product, the outer box is shaped like the product itself, and hence, not much of work is done on the artwork.

Instead of an LDPE shrink-sleeve, if an OPP shrink-sleeve would have been used then it would have delivered better aesthetics along with print clarity. Also, the sealing of shrink film needs some improvement.

Coming to the printing parameter of the product, the product artwork is printed on a four-colour offset press and has a self-adhesive sticker pasted on the box. The PP box is injection moulded along with a snap-fit feature.

However, the thickness of the PP box has a scope of improvement, also as the sticker is pasted manually and the registration, it can encounter registration problems.

Raju Kalgutkar, chief Manager - packaging development consumer products division, Piramal Enterprises
The shape and colour scheme used in the bottom/lid for this pack resembles very well with the shape and colour of actual Kaju Katri product. This packaging can act as a silent salesman and the pack serves as a strong marketing tool. The use of actual images of the product and the brand name ‘Amul’ mentioned in the front of the pack provides a strong branding which helps in connecting to the customers. 

The unique shape of the pack provides a strong shelf presence and a very good FMOT (first moment of truth).

The outer polyolefin shrink wrap ensures a tight fit and it also provides protection from dust and foreign particles.

Butter paper is used as an intermediate in between the layers of the slabs of the product so that sticking is avoided. The ergonomic design of the pack makes it very easy for handling.

Coming to the aspect of production complexities, the product filling and manual labelling of this pack could be a tedious job, considering its shape and the entire packaging operation. Also, the labelling quality needs to be improved as the edge peels off and a lot of wrinkles can be seen distinctly.