PrintWeek’s pick of the pre-media, MIS, workflow & W2P products at Drupa 2012 part one

PrintWeek’s pick of the pre-media, MIS, workflow & W2P products at Drupa 2012 part one

18 Apr 2012 | By PrintWeek India

Colour management

Hall 3, Stand B69

AVT will unveil its new SpectraLab software, which automatically measures colours by sampling user-defined points on the print image and provides ISO-compliant colour values that match those made off-line. AVT will also exhibit its newly re-engineered family of ink and colour controls for web press applications – CQ/Clarios offers spectral measurement technology for “virtually any commercial web press”. It is now fitted with automated ‘wizards’ and simplified touchscreen controls that allow a web press operator to achieve industry-standard print conditions, with little or no manual intervention. Among other launches will be the PrintVision/Argus Elite, a new solution with upgraded viewing capabilities, a brand new interface, and pressure setting from the image.

Digital Information
Hall 8b, Stand B2

The Swiss company will highlight its InkZone product, a software suite that consists of components for online ink-presets, closed-loop colour control, and the connection of scanning measurement devices from Techkon and X-Rite allowing for real-time on-screen visualisation of target and actual values.

Hall 4, Stand B25/Hall 7, Stand B11

GMG will give a global launch to its new spot-colour simulation tool for packaging printers, in addition to a cloud-based tool for soft-proofing at Drupa.
Although details are being kept under wraps, the developer said its new tool marks a “breakthrough” in calculating profiles for simulating the combined printing of both spot and process colours. In conjunction with GMG FlexoProof, Hanno Hoffstadt, leader of the GMG research team, promises “predictability that was previously thought unachievable”. Hoffstadt added: “We know the packaging industry has been searching for technology like this. At the moment, we are working flat-out on the products and expect detailed information to be available just in time for the exhibition.” Information on GMG’s cloud solutions will also be fleshed out at the show. The company has developed a completely new cloud-based tool and will be targeting organisations across the entire publishing supply chain, from advertising agencies, photographers and repro studios to printers and publishers, through to the brand owners themselves. The new solution has a highly flexible and clear interface with intelligent tools for central management and control of all correction and approval procedures. The collaboration tool is the first in a series of innovative cloud-based solutions, providing user-friendly integration of GMG color management, says the company.

Hall 17, Stand A1

QuadTech will be showcasing its control systems for colour measurement during Drupa. The company says its “automated, image-based control systems offer the newspaper, commercial and packaging printer exceptional colour quality and consistency”. QuadTech will attempt to demonstrate this during the show. Of particular attention will be the new QuadTech Color Control and Web Inspection System with AccuCam.

Hall 8b, Stand A23

On the Esko stand will be a new cloud-based colour management and standardisation tool aimed at the packaging sector. PantoneLive, which has been developed by Pantone and X-Rite in partnership with Esko and Sun Chemical, enables all phases of the packaging design process to access common digital colour definitions and aims to reduce complexity and re-work. It uses Esko’s Colour Engine database to manage colour and device profiles, and to support the colour management process across the packaging pre-press workflow. Sun Chemical is to withdraw its SmartColour colour management system from the marketplace and transfer all current customer licenses to PantoneLive. The new tool features a standard library, which includes all of the colours from Pantone Plus and the Pantone Matching System, and brand owners will also be able to create specific colour palettes and store them in the system. Also on show will be i1Pro 2 colour management solutions, including the newly enhanced i1Pro 2 spectrophotometer. The company says that this provides an even higher level of accuracy, versatility, ergonomics, functionality and value than i1 Pro. “Combined with recently released i1Profiler software v1.3, the new i1Pro 2 portfolio meets the unique needs of pre-press, digital printing and photography imaging professionals,” says the company. A new spectrophotometer platform that incorporates the latest touch-and-swipe navigation technology and intuitive software to make colour measurements quick and easy for pressroom personnel, including ways to monitor and control colour the new and emerging ISO standards, will also feature on stand.



Hall 9, Stand E3

Shuttleworth will launch Business Intelligence for its eponymous MIS. The company says Business Intelligence is a “fantastic set of innovative tools, including enhanced dashboards, customer-specific KPI’s, user-definable reporting, executive analysis, web-based reporting and mobile apps”. It will also showcase its recently launched new user interface, which is based on a Microsoft Outlook-style appearance. Joint managing director Paul Deane says: “Business Intelligence is the business tool that every printer has been waiting for and is a must-see for any visitors to Drupa. It takes the user experience to another level and provides customers with the tools to increase performance and profitability”.



Hall 8a, Stand B64

Agfa Graphics is introducing two new high-speed platesetters for the high-volume newspaper market. The Advantage N PL HS (pallet-load, high-speed) and the Advantage N TR HS (trolley-load, high-speed), both produce up to 350 printing plates per hour. At Drupa, the Advantage N PL HS will be running live and imaging Agfa Graphics’ N94 VCF chemistry-free violet plates. With a completely new design, it can store more than 6,000 plates configured on two pallets of 3,000 plates each plus an additional cassette in a fully-automatic setting.

Hall 8a, Stand 44-1

BasysPrint will unveil its next generation of 4-up and 8-up Computer-to-Plate (CTP) UV platesetters for the digital exposure of UV-sensitive offset printing plates. According to the company, the new UV-Setter Series 460x and Series 860x deliver “unsurpassed exposure quality” with resolutions of up to 2,400dpi. The company says the unique flatbed design of the new products enables digital imaging of a wide variety of plate sizes. It can achieve formats as small as 200x200mm and up to 680x830mm with the 460x, and a maximum of 940x1,150mm with the 860x. It adds that the dual plate-loading option also offers the flexibility of loading and imaging two plates at the same time. This allows the systems to image up to 145 plates per hour with a plate size of 400x550mm, improving productivity significantly. “As well as imaging UV plates for offset printing, the UV platesetters can be used to image coat plates for spot-varnish printing; photoengrave magnesium or copper plates of thicknesses of up to 10 mm for hot-foil stamping or embossing; image-screen meshes for all kinds of screen printing applications and even image dies for flexible die-cutting.

Hall 8b, Stand A23

On display at the Esko stand will be the company’s flexo plate technology, including the CDI Spark 4835 Auto with unique digital Inline UV 2 exposure and the CDI Spark 2530 with Inline UV and magnetic drum. The CDI Spark 4835 Auto combines plate imaging with inline digital main and back exposure in the same device.
Visitors can also learn more about Esko’s latest HD Flexo technology and Inline UV2 exposure unit. Esko will launch Pixel+, an optical, electronic and screening enhancement for HD Flexo imaging to support flat top dots creation, a solution for those customers who use partner technologies for the oxygen-free curing of imaged plates. “We’re excited to have Drupa as the platform for our newest digital flexo solutions. Flexo print service providers will learn how our solutions produce plates at a previously unseen high quality in flexo printing with bright and vivid colors, sharp details and smooth vignettes, while guaranteeing consistent and reliable reproduction of brand colours,” says Esko vice-president of Flexo Business Jürgen Andresen.

Hall 5, Stand C18

FFEI will have an Alinte CTP engine on the stand. There is no specific news or updates to the product to be announced at the show, but the product will still be there due to its continued success in the emerging markets. FFEI’s violet CTP system has seen the company become the leading manufacturer and supplier of CTP systems to India, with their own-brand Alinte range and solutions manufactured on behalf of Fujifilm, Founder Electronics and TechNova.
Hall 8b, Hall 25-1 & 25-3

The Flenex DLE (Direct Laser Engraving) B2 CTP system wll be on show, which Fujifilm says offers an “incredibly simple and high-quality method of producing flexo plates”. Fujifilm’s FLH-Z ZAC processor, which is part of Fujifilm’s ‘low-chemistry’ family and allows printers to reduce chemistry usage, maximise bath life and minimise processor cleaning, will also be available on the stand. Meanwhile, the XR-1200F developer waste reduction and water re-use system, designed to reduce pre-press developer waste ( for use with Fujifilm Brillia HD LH-PJE, Brillia HD LH-PLE and Brillia HD LH-PXE plates processed using the Fujifilm developer) and water use for printers with plate production systems requiring chemistry, will get an airing as well.

Hall 1

With security applications in mind, Heidelberg will unveil a 5,080dpi version of its Suprasetter A52/A75 Suprasetter. Also, a new compact Auto/Dual cassette loader for the Suprasetter 105 will be unveiled with a smaller processor to reduce chemistry and power usage. Lance O’Connell, UK and Nordics business executive, Heidelberg, says: “In today’s tough marketplace, printers cannot afford not to go to Drupa to pick on on tips and tricks that help to make them more efficient and stand out from the crowd. Heidelberg will certainly have plenty that will interest British printers, and aims to make sure they feel their journey has been money well-spent.”

Hall 5, Stand F9-1

Kodak will showcase its Achieve All-in-One CTP System, which it says delivers “all the benefits of Kodak’s thermal imaging technology, such as exceptional image quality, true stability on press and operational efficiencies”. The Achieve CTP System includes platesetting, plates, workflow software, processing, and chemistry. The Kodak Achieve CTP System is currently being introduced in the Asia-Pacific region. Later in the year, availability will expand into emerging markets in Eastern Europe, Russia, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America.


Must See

Pantone/X-Rite PantoneLive


Although it is aimed primarily at the packaging sector, Pantone and X-Rite’s new cloud-based colour management and standardisation tool will be of widespread interest. Developed in partnership with Esko and Sun Chemical, PantoneLive enables all parties in the packaging design process to access common digital colour definitions with the aim of reducing complexity and re-work. It uses Esko’s Colour Engine database to manage colour and device profiles and to support the colour management process across the packaging pre-press workflow. It features a standard library, which includes all of the colours from Pantone Plus and the Pantone Matching System, and brand owners will also be able to create specific colour palettes and store them in the system.