Printing Inks: Top Picks - Siegwerk's Vega Impression

Vega Impression is a latest generation mineral oil-free ink system developed keeping in view the requirement of high-end packaging and commercial jobs, meeting various regulatory compliances for packaging.

20 Mar 2022 | By PrintWeek Team

What purpose does the ink serve?
The ink is specifically designed to meet the requirements of the upper-end packaging segment. Along with the high colour strength, consistent print quality and good dot sharpness, this is an ideal ink for long run and short run work where turn is required. This is probably the best fit for both side printing in one-go for perfect applications.

How is it manufactured?
The ink is manufactured in Bhiwadi through standardised processes that are known to deliver high quality inks, meeting all the technical requirements for the job.

What’s the function?
The ink is unique and the differentiator for this ink includes (but not limited to): very fast setting ink system suitable for variety of substrates – boards and papers; most suited for fast work and turn operations and perfecting applications.  Meets ISO-2846-1 printing standard; excellent ink-water balancing window, which makes the product most robust to perform across market segments and wider range of climatic conditions; high colour strength and high gloss; comes with yellow and magenta to cover wider colour gamut.

One big brand that has deployed it and how?
The product has been appreciated in terms of performance in the market on various packaging categories such as food and pharma, oral care, industrial, liquor carton and more.

How green is the ink?
Skipping the question, as there is no standard that defines “green” inks, and it would be wrong to claim ink to be green if there are no existing criteria.

Who should choose it?
This is the best fit product for all packing and high-end commercial printers.

How do you rank it in terms of the ‘aha’ factor?
Vega Impression is one of the benchmark products, which provide true value of money due to higher mileage on press and reduced start-up wastage.

Where do you source pigments, resins, oils, organic chemicals, solvents and additives for this product?
Resins, some portions of pigments and oils are sourced locally, and the rest are imported.

Is it expensive?
This ink series is the best value for money.