Printing Inks: Top Picks - Dolphin's CMYK inks

Premium CMYK series flexo water- based inks for paper and board.

22 Mar 2022 | By PrintWeek Team

How is it manufactured?
Fine grinding of pigment to make slurry. Slurry and let down varnish mixed in required proportion.

Where is it manufactured?
Nashik and Badlapur plants in Maharashtra.

What’s the function?
Four-colour flexo printing of paper cups, paper bags and corrugated cartons.

One big brand that has deployed it and how?
In the case of spot colours – Nescafe and Cafe Coffee Day.

How green is the ink?
It is a water-based eco-friendly ink that meets international standards.

What is the environmental impact of your product?
Being a water-based ink, it is safe to use.

What makes it unique?
Excellent printability even with very fine aniloxes. Superior colour development and gloss.

Who should choose it?
It is used in the printing of paper bags, paper cup and corrugated cartons.

How do you rank it in terms of the ‘aha’ factor?
Ranked highly as demonstrated by continuous repeat purchase.

Where do you source pigments, resins, oils, organic chemicals, solvents and additives for this product?
Resins are sourced locally, some pigments and most additives are imported. Other ingredients are locally sourced.

What other grades are offered by your company?
Besides the premium grade, more economic grades for low-end print jobs are also available.

Is it expensive?
Cost depends on the print quality and required pigmentations.

Product specifications: 

  • Viscosity = 20 to 70 sec on Ford Cup B-4 @ ambient temperature
  • pH = 8.5 to 10.5
  • Solids = 30 to 50 %
  • Drying mechanism: Air
  • dried. Set-off process: Not
  • applicable. Low migration: Yes.
  • Certifications: RoHS certificate, food grade certificate.