Printers look to get a kick out of football

The road to Brazil is going to be fun and exciting; and entail sleepless nights. As one Gujarat-based printer said - big boys play at night. A look at what 18 of the gen-next predict will transpire over one month of football mania.

14 Jun 2014 | By Noel D'Cunha

Alok Munot, Prabhat Printing Works, Pune
I will be supporting Spain, they don’t play football, they dance with the ball. Because of their unity, their passing, fitness, training, ability to sprint even in the 95th minute, speed and spirit. I think there are more than one player to watch out for. Ronaldo, Ramos, Rooney, Messi, Neymar, Drogba, every footballer in this finals is actually inspiring. Philip Neuer, Iker and Casillas are class apart. We have a local team, and we’d watch the match at my home or someone in the team’s, with volume at full blast.

Amit Shah, Spectrum Scan, Vasai in Thane District
Brazil. I love their classy artful football. I will be in Spain so will watch the matches there, and I am sure watching the World Cup matches in Europe will be quite an experience. Two players – Neymar and Messi will make a big impact on the tournament. With the injury troubling Ronaldo, I doubt if he’d be able to perform to his full potential...

Anand Kothawala, Online Packaging, Ahmedabad
Messi will set the World Cup alight and Argentina is my favourite team. I prefer watching games with friends.

Anil Danial, Anitha Art Printers, Mumbai
I am supporting Argentina, because I love their passion for the game. No prize for guessing then that my player to set the ground on fire is Messi and I plan to see many of the matches at home and maybe some in a sports bar.

Bimal Mehta, Vakils & Sons, Mumbai
I do watch football, but not crazy to watch every game especially at night. I do watch big games like the semis and finals with friends, mainly at home and occasionally at Bombay Gymkhana on the big screen. My favourite teams are is Brazil, Netherlands and England. I would also support Belgium. I travel often on work there and I have a special connect with the country and the people.

Debabrata Choudhary, Studio Art, Kolkata
I am with Portugal. The team is young and lively, and simply because I prefer a new team other than the standard eight to emerge as winner. The timings of the games are such that I would be watching the games while in bed. Ronaldo will be the one to watch out for.

Dev Nair, Kohinoor Printers
Argentina is my team. From an early age, I’ve been an ardent fan of Diego Maradona. His game used to be a treat for the eyes. I will be watching the semis and final in the company of my friends in a club. I’ve pinned my hopes on Lionel Messi to take Argentina home.

Falit Pandya, Print Vision, Ahmedabad
England is my team. They have a good combination of youth and experience and are not overly dependent on one person. I would be watching the matches at a farm house and hope to see Messi, Ronaldo, Suarez, Eden Hazard in full flow.

Gamyanth Shren, Glo, Coimbatore
By the way, my heart wants Argentina to win given the intense rivalry with Brazil; it would be amazing for Messi and his team to win against Brazil. And I would want Brazil to win because what would be more satisfying for a team than to win the World Cup at home.

Gautam Modi of Gautam Papers, Surat
I am supporting Brazil, because they are traditionally and technically kings of the World Cup. I plan to watch World Cup matches with friends. Neymar, he is brilliant when he wears the Brazil colours. He will set the World Cup alight.

Hetul Thakkar, Gallant Print, Pune
My team: Brazil. My player: Neymar. And I will watch the games with friends.

Jehangir Surti, Prodon Enterprise, Mumbai
Spain. They play with a lot of flair and can play a good defensive game when required. I will be watching select games. Daniel Sturridge will rock the World Cup, given is phenomenal club form.

Latif Sanchawala, Progressive Printing Press, Surat
I’ve studied and lived in England and that’s my team. I would have wished to travel to Brazil to watch the whole series, but our industry doesn’t allow that kind of liberty, hence will watch the matches with friends. There are too many players to watch out for Messi, Ronaldo, and of course, Wayne Rooney, as I support England.

Nihar Desai, Hi Scan, Ahmedabad
I love the German team and their aggressive tactics, and look forward to watch the games with friends. I think Neymar or Ronaldo would be in hot pursuit for the best player's slot.

Sauvik Chakravarty, Graffiti Signgraphics, Kolkata.
The team I am supporting is Italy as I have been a hard Italy fan all along. I will be watching few matches with my friends on a big screen. Players to look out for are Messi, Neymar and Diego Costa.

Tushar Dhote, Dhote Offset, Mumbai
Brazil. I love their style of play. I will watch the matches at home, since it will be early morning kick-off for big games. Ronaldo, Messi and Neymar are the players to watch out for. I am tipping for Germany to win, Belgium in the semis.

Vishal Ambasana, Gujarat Printers, Rajkot
I like Messi, because I feel he is a very composed person even in difficult situation. Hence, my team to take the World Cup is Argentina. I’d be screaming and shouting my throat sore at public screening of World Cup matches organised in my locality in Rajkot.

Vasant Goel, Gopsons Papers, Sivakasi
I love Pele and I love Brazil.

PS: While these fans would be burning the proverbial midnight oil, one packager in Baruch, Hyuma Mahadevia of Yamir Packaging, says, he does not follow football at all. He says, “I am a marathoner and cyclothoner, hence I go to bed at 9.30pm so that I can run and cycle at 5.00 in the morning.