Printer's Devil: The funny side of print

John Milton says, "Ink is the blood of the printing-press". But it's actually alcohol that makes it run.

24 Jul 2013 | By Ramu Ramanathan

Thoreau says "Before printing was discovered, a century was equal to a thousand years." Now they say something similar about the sms.

There is so little real news these days that I have started reading 50-year-old newspapers from the archives. I feel in touch with reality. Less disconnected.

I guess I will continue to read a book till some smart publisher puts a zillion ads in it.

I also love to read balance sheets. The thing I have gleaned from reading balance sheets is: there are facts, pseudo facts and lies. One day, we will become a planet of lies.

So have you heard of anyone buying stock in truth, recently?
There should be a tax on lying. The governments in Europe will be wealthy again. Unless they are wealthy already. And they have been lying to us.

Which reminds me, we must start a A Data Chamber of Lying. This can be a vocational guidance course that can be downloaded via high-speed broadband. We could use  variable data print to differentiate the liars from the non liars.

A friend's wife is pregnant. She says she is in touch with her soon-to-be-born child through an automated workflow through which she can upload files and interact with it.

I am planning to start a yawnline business. This is because I think money has missed out on the profitability of sleep. Printers should invest in it. After 3-D print, web-to-print and cloud-based solutions, Sleep on Demand Printing will be the next big thing.