Small printers are beautiful and formidable

In the last two editions, award winning work had been applauded by the print buyers. International Print O Pac published an ad in mainstream newspapers and Manipal Press and Silverpoint Press showcased their achievements to their customers at two separate receptions.

01 Jun 2011 | By Samir Lukka

While the winning companies publicised their achievements in the Indian print industry, the other participating companies didn't go unnoticed.

Jalgaon-based CMYK Press won the Performance Award for Small Printer of the Year 2009. The ISO-certified company has implemented Kaizen and worker-friendly programs. To date, the company has expanded its operations in Pune, Nashik and Dhule.

Likewise, Pune-based Vyoma Graphics, which won the same Award in 2010. Its 10,000 sq/ft unit is a fine example of the single-tier, pillarless unit which houses all operations under one roof. Niten Shah said that its company’s "increasing sales in 2010 by more than 20% is reflective of the robust print growth."

The constant yearn to improve the quality and thereby raising the standards is reflective in the example of Honeycomb Creative Support. The Bengaluru-based firm which was commended for Creative Repro Company in 2009, won the Award in 2010. It beat the biggies in the race for the Award with its innovative approach of handling graphics design and pre-media requirements. "The high-profile examples not only stand out in the realm of marketing but highlighted the message as well," said a judge, stating that she wished her company had done this job.

The examples in question were the Royal Challenger poster for IPL and Romanov signage. "It was a process that took ten hours with rounds of corrections carried out and involved cut-out and mixing," said A N Noufel of Honeycomb Creative Support.

Similarly, Kolkatta-based CDC Printers won Reports & Accounts Printer of the Year 2009, which had Jak Printers and Pragati Offset as the shortlisted companies. The Annual Reports submitted were ripped and processed on a Screen platesetter and printed on a Mitsubishi Diamond 1000 four-colour and Heidelberg MOV two-colour presses using Natural Evolution, Cyber XL and Conqueror papers.

One of the judges commented: "Report printing may seem a simple print job, but one cannot overlook the neatness and finesses with which these entries have been executed."

CDC was commended for the Brochure Printer of the Year 2009 where it lost by a narrow margin to Rajkalp Mudranalaya: a premium press in Ahmedabad which is capable of 10 micron printing. At the helm are Kalpesh Patel and Apurva Asher who are print fanatics. For the Award winning work, they put to use GretagMacbeth’s Eye-One, advanced platereader and densitometer.

At Awards 2010, Bhopal-based Color Photo Print won the Wide-format Printer of the Year. This wide-format printer’s sample gave interesting scenery a painterly look, while the Taj mahal sample had to preserve the input image’s detailed features on the white marbles. According to Anurag Dubey, director of the company, this required proper treatment. "Multiple tests strips were printed with different curves and applied for highlight preservation on self-adhesive substrate."

Other print firms from various parts of India which are proving their worth included the shortlisted companies in 2009 and 2010 like Chennai-based MWN Press and Sudarsan Grpahics; Gujarat-based J K Burad Offset and Chirag Offset; Mumbai-based New Jack Printing Press, Meena Agencies, Jayant Printery, Jwalamukhi Mudranalaya and Prodon Enterprises; Chandigarh-based Genie Prints; Delhi-based Archana Advertising and Kollam-based Sujilee Colour Printers.

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