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Noel D'cunha speaks to Rajiv Rao, creator of Vodafone ZooZoo campaign and national creative director at Ogilvy & Mather about print matters while approaching creativity and design

09 Jul 2010 | By Noel D'Cunha

Are there any typical problems vis a vis designing in India? Indian designers, we have spoken to, lamented on the lack of colour coding which has ruined their campaign.
Indian designers have great ideas but are not able to translate them into great executions. There are many facets of production which impedes the path to execution and brings the idea to fruition. One of them is colour management. Colour coding is an issue. Occasionally, Pantone inks are not available. Other issues are that of high quality special papers, which are not easy to find. And there is always the cost constraint.

A recent example wherein a popular brand image has been "created" for the print media?
The campaign for Calvin Klein is one the most striking examples in the print medium. The creative is in the spirit and tradition of the most innovative of Calvin Klein underwear campaigns. For the first time, the men's Calvin Klein underwear campaign will feature four men in one campaign to promote the new Calvin Klein X underwear line. The talent in the campaign spans different backgrounds and nationalities and includes American actors Kellan Lutz and Mehcad Brooks and international sports stars, Spanish tennis star Fernando Verdasco, and Japanese soccer player Hidetoshi Nakata.

Which technological trends in print are you keeping an eye on?
The return of traditional printing processes like letterpress. It offers control and an empowering experience. It does have an authority about it that other print processes would not have. It's craft-based printing.

How frequently do you interact with the technical print production team? What do you discuss, commonly?
Very often. Once an idea is approved, we sit with the team to visualise the creative and find out methods and means to executive the idea using the best available technology and keeping in mind the budgets.

Which print company does the best printing?
Stiedl, Germany. They control every step from design to printing and they create high quality products. And in India, Pragati Offset consistently produces good quality work.

The craziest deadline?
I don't set crazy deadlines; I'm usually given crazy deadlines.

In India – the two most important barriers are technology and cost! What advice do you have for the print owner?
Don't compromise on quality. It will cost you more in the long run.

What should be the print tactics in a responsive society?
We should use more eco-friendly inks and recycled paper.

For a working lunch if you meet Johannes Gutenberg, what would you talk to him about?
Try to sell him my iPad.

One print person with whom you would like to have a FACE TO FACE ...
Benedikt Taschen, the publisher of books on art, architecture, design and photography

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