Print in Bengaluru: T Rangaswamy of Bangalore Printers Association

Karan JK (third year, Media Technology) and Deepthi Salian (second year, Media Technology) from MIT, Manipal talk to T Rangaswamy, president of the Bangalore Printers Association (BPA)

03 Jun 2019 | By PrintWeek India

(l) T Rangaswamy

As president of Bangalore Printers Association (BPA) can you please brief us about your association?

BPA is a voluntary, non-profitable welfare association. BPA is affiliated to the Karnataka Small Scale Industry Association (KASSIA) which is an apex body. KASSIA is a huge organisation, in fact one of the largest members association in Asia. There are about 13,000 members in KASSIA. It has 110 affiliated associations. The BPA is one among them.

What are your responsibilities as the co-chairman of paper and printing technology, which is a special panel at KASSIA?

My responsibility as a co-chairman is to support the print fraternity.


I am working on three major issues. One). To convert unjustified  GST slabs into a single slab.  Two). Create a training centre for unskilled technicians as well as provide accommodation facilities with the help and co-operation from the government. Three). To establish a Paper Bank for the printers with the help of National Small Industries Corporation and Karnataka Small Scale Industrial Development Corporation (KSSIDC).

Does the government lend good support?

Yes, BPA comes under the MSME segment. Hence we are expecting good support from the government and the concerned departments.

There are so many print associations in India. Then why BPA?

There are three major associations in Bengaluru. One is Karnataka Offset Printers Association (KOPA) which is one of the top associations in the India. The second one is Karnataka State Printers Association (KSPA), which is the oldest. Recently, they celebrated their Diamond Jubilee. Finally the third is ours, Bangalore Printers Association (BPA) an association associated with  various printers. We have very good co-ordination with the above two associations and they are very supportive.

What is the BPA aim?

Our aim is to help and solve the problems of our members. Some of our activities include free health-care solutions to all the members. Plus we educate our members with technical knowledge. Also, we conduct educational tours to machinery manufacturing, paper and paperboard manufacturing industries and conduct tours to visit the PrintPack expo.

What is the current situation of Bengaluru print industry? Is it saturated or is there is scope for growth?

Yes, there is plenty of growth if we adopt new technologies in printing. Plus there is a lot of scope in packaging.

Who are your members?

Our members are small and medium scale printers, binders, designers, pre-press specialists etc.

Do your members accept the technological changes happening in our industry?

Yes, sure we are very happy to invite changes. We are in touch with the software developers to develop systems which can fit into our budgets. Among them the security features in printing is one area where we are investing.

As president of BPA how do you feel now about your tenure?

This is a free and honorary service to the association. I am satisfied about serving my association. The tenure of BPA president is for three years and I am nearing completion. However, my beloved members want me to continue. Hence, I have decided to continue for one more tenure with the good intention to serve. I have a few more member-friendly plans for BPA.

Such as?

To start a cooperative credit society which can safeguard the print firm's financial issues.

All the best, T Rangaswamy.

Thank you. Our industry needs the support of young millennials like you.