From print o' clock to Take it Eizo: New fun words you can use - The Noel D'Cunha Sunday Column

Oxford Dictionaries has released a list of 1,000 latest words added to its database - with new entries also including NBD plus Jobspreading? Then there is CounterFeat and Duplexing. With apologies to the Oxford Dictionaries' update of 2015, this Sunday Column looks at the "possible" fun print words.

28 Aug 2015 | By Noel D'Cunha

CIP 5: This is equal to the time the operator takes a "sip" of his cup of tea; while the job is set up.
CounterFeat: The ability to print and distribute counterfeit bank notes, security papers and mint coins.
Don't use that Pan-tone: When the designer uses a rude tone to talk about a brand colour; then you say, Please, don't use that Pan-tone.
Duplexing: This does not mean buying a Lodha or DLF duplex flat; but being able to support stock weights up to 600gsm.
Future for print: Something that we need to invent. Pretty soon.
Having a TIFF: When one set of graphics or layout on one computer platform has a fight with the same round of graphics or designs on computer system two. This is known as "Having a TIFF".
HTML code: The Hidden Tax on Metamerised Lines. This will be the hidden code (in every bill), which will ensure printers can make 22% on every job.
Jobsspreading: The word describes the practice whereby a printer bags one job but blocks a competitor job, to have both jobs to oneself.
NBD: No big deal. It means just that. So, when a salesman comes into your cabin and says he has bagged a print order; and you are unimpressed. You can say: NBD.
Patiala jPeg: You can prevent data loss in your Jpeg picture bank with the benefit of high compression rates after a round of a Patiala jPeg.
Print o'clock: This describes the appropriate time in a day to start printing a tough job.
Print-at-shame: A firm that is judged to be fat or overweight or unproductive. Such a press can be humiliated by making mocking or critical comments about how it wastes paper or is overstaffed or both.
ROI (Revenues of Innovation): Printers who print on plastics and fabrics and special materials shall prosper. Printed electronics will advance more rapidly as printing firms will seek new areas of Revenues of Innovation will be the new ROI.
Take it Eizo: What designer 1 tells designer 2 when he is fretting about colour profiles; "Bhai, take it Eizo".
Workflow 10.01: This is the workflow, which will integrate all the other workflows you have in your systems.