20 print CEOs; and their ink preference - The Noel D'Cunha Sunday Column

My colleague Tanvi Parekh did a survey with print CEOs to find out ink partners and ink product of their choice; ink products they use to for highly innovative solutions to turn standard products into pieces of art through visual and tactile effect; and their preferred brand of UV inks.

27 Mar 2015 | By Noel D'Cunha

Magesh Kartik of ST Reddiar says, we don't partner with one brand of inks as such, but the majority (say 70%) goes to Sakata Inx. The rest is split between Micro Huber, Seigwerk and Toyo Inks. (15%, 5%, 5% respectively), while Snehangshu Ganguly of Lebako, says, we mainly use Values G ink from DIC for majority of our commercial print work.

For "prestigious work", though Ganguly turns to Flint’s Novavit F and Novaspot wax-free. “Novaspot has slight edge due to availability of Pantone series ink and also output quantity is much superior. However, if gold or silver as special colour is required we use Eckart from Atlanta.”

Kartik, however, says, he prefers to use Toyo’s Kaleido series of ink. “The challenge is the press has to be first calibrated for this ink, the process involves understanding dot gain on the press and then reducing the gain on the plate so that while printing we increase the ink film without increasing the dot gain on paper. The increased ink feed gives a very vibrant colour scheme. The ink is designed in such a way that a thinner ink film means more vibrant colours. So this will reproduce most of your special colours like orange red, purple etc, just by using the CMYK,” says Kartik.

Kartik used this ink for a calendar job in 2010 for a customer from France.

Manu Choudhury of CDC Printers, Kolkata uses Seigwerk’s Tempo brand for most of his work. But at times he has also used fluorescent colours. “The only supplier we could find for the job was United Inks. They have performed wonders and the prints were yelling to be held closely.”

Below is a snapshot of print firms and their ink preference.

Printing company

Ink Partners and Ink product of choice

For highly specialised jobs which ink do you use

Your preferred brand for UV inks

Snehangshu Ganguly, NKGossain/Lebako

Valuu G from DIC for commercial print work

Novavit F / Novaspot Wax Free

H UV ink (H LF series) from Toyo. Also Huber and sometimesMegami Ink – gold and silver




Gautham Pai, Manipal Technologies

Dic, Micro Inks, Seigwerk

Intercolor, Zeller, Luminescence

Micro Inks and Seigwerk

Mahesh Kartik, ST Reddiar

Sakata Inx (70%). The rest is split between Micro/Huber,Seigwerk and Toyo Inks. (15%,5%,5% respectively).

Toyo Inks

Inx corporation US which in India is dealt by Sakata India. Toyo's inks from Japan are also quite good.

Hemant Parchuri, Pragati Pack

In Flexo, we work with Flint and United Inks

We use very little “special” ink.

Uses UV ink (no brand mentioned)

Varun Tholasi, Tholasi Prints

Huber and Toyo

Implementing specific standards to enable us to achieve outstanding print results by using top of the line series of inks likeKaleido and Aniva.    

Does not use UV inks.

Vasant Goel, Gopsons Paper

Siegwerk Tempo Max Star plus for all applications

Siegwerk Tempo Max Star plus for all applications

We don’t use UV inks for offset. For flexo we use Siegwerk

Manu Choudhary, CDC Printers


Seigwerk, Brand: Tempo Smart

At times we have used flouroscentfrom United Inks

We do not have a UV printing press

Prithvi Desai, Mail Order Solutions

Toyo Inks JPN for Coated paper and Chitra for Uncoated Paper

Toyo Inks JPN for Coated paper and GP1for Uncoated Paper

Does not use UV inks

Vijay Parekh, National Art Press

Offset – Seigwerk; Flexo - Micro inks; Gravure - DIC / Micro



Roopesh Sawant, Superlekha

Tokyo Inks across all papers



Narendra P, Pragati Offset

Toyo and Micro inks

Toyo and Micro inks.


Sandeep Zaveri, Total Print Solutions



Seigwerk Arets and Fujifilm Sericol


Anuj Bhargava, Kumar Laberls


Any inks recommended by JNArora

Siegwerk / United Inks

Antony, Hi Tech, Coimbatore

Toyo -  Tk Jpn ink

Micro Inks - Perfexion ink

Not in UV Printing

Faheem Agboatwala, Hi-Tech Printing Services


Toyo and Siegwerk.

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