Pratin Kumar: Cost reduction is key to profitability

Pratin Kumar Khanra, CEO at Saraswati Print Factory, Kolkata in conversation with PrintWeek India

23 Sep 2019 | By PrintWeek India

Pratin Kumar, CEO, Saraswati Print Factory

Q: What is your idea of a perfectly produced book?
A: The one that is long-lasting and appreciable.

Q: Print Factory is a Rs 45-cr company. What is your USP?
A: Low cost and mass production jobs.

Q: Your mantra to remain profitable?
A: Reduce your cost as the customer has other options.

Q: One innovation blunder you made – and learnt a lot from?
A: Blunders in top line and bottom line jobs.

A: Q: How do you increase value addition and technological depth in the post-press stage?
A: Continually innovating is the only way to increase value addition and technological depth.

Q: Since the percentage of book consumption in India is very low, how can the book industry achieve its goal of boosting book literacy?
A: Reduction in the cost of ownership while distribution is the principal goal of boosting book literacy.

Q: What kind of continuous learning and improvement systems do you have in place for your personnel?
A: Regular visits to workshops and manufacturing units for enhanced learning.

Q: One below Rs 10-lakh investment which you thought was ‘sasta and kifayati’ ?
A: Stitching kit.

Q: What is the trickiest project that you have had to execute?
A: A calendar which had to be outsourced.

Q: Your plan for 2019-2020?
A: To consolidate all our acquisitions under one roof.