Post Script: Prerna Verma

The head of marketing and business development at 3R Polymers, Verma believes what goes around, comes around

04 May 2022 | By Charmiane Alexander

Prerna Verma, head of marketing and business development, 3R Polymers

Your favourite print design?
For me, print is a form of interaction and communication through art. I adore texture prints a lot as it speaks for itself.

What would be your dream job?
I am currently pursuing the job I have always desired. Business development exposes one to sales, marketing and also develops business fundamentals and management. I get to converse with professional industrialists, which has increased my confidence and independence.

One key tip for good health
Prefer food quality over food quantity.

Most useful app?
Paytm. The process of going cashless and making digital transactions has become quick and safe.

Desired vacation spot?

Your tip to resolve conflicts
Do not panic if things go south. No matter the situation, there is always something that can be done to rectify it.

Life is...?
Unpredictable. Our generation has witnessed the worst during the pandemic and we all have seen things we could have never imagined. Live every moment to its fullest.

What is your favourite phrase or saying?
Accept and value yourself.

Your hobbies?
I love cooking and trying new recipes. Being a mother of a toddler doesn't really allow me to follow my hobbies like before. I find myself spending the weekend with my son and seeing him learn and explore new things.

Your view on sustainability and going green.  
We certainly don't live an eco-friendly lifestyle, but it is important to think and act. I am trying to make progress with small efforts like taking my own bags to the grocery store, storing food in reusable containers, carrying my own water bottle when I travel and keeping plants at my home.

Do you think there are lessons to learn from nature?
Nature always heals. There is this saying that goes, 'There is something infinitely healing in the repeated refrains of nature — the assurance that dawn comes after night, and spring after winter'. So if you lose something, stay put and wait for better things to approach you. 

How would you describe yourself in a line?
An organised person with a positive mindset and willingness to learn new things.

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