Platesetter: Top Picks - Miraclon Kodak Flexcel NX

Brought to life by Miraclon, the Kodak Flexcel NX System is an imaging solution for producing highly differentiated digital flexo plates.

01 Apr 2021 | By PrintWeek Team

Kodak Flexcel NX 


More than 500 systems in 70 countries.

The unique imaging platform, printing plates and software combine to enable capabilities beyond those traditionally achievable with flexographic printing. The system’s flat top dot structure solves a problem inherent with traditional digital flexo platemaking technology, where oxygen inhibition during UV exposure results in bullet-shaped dots that are prone to surface wear and result in unpredictable inking and printing.

There are two key benefits. As a production tool for platemaking, it’s fast to image and highly predictable. Plates are consistent time after time. Secondly, the plates themselves have the capability to transform the profitability of a flexo printing operation. Not only can they drive a step change in print quality, but their unique ink transfer properties also enable presses to achieve the desired colour quicker, and run faster, cleaner and more efficiently.