Pamex 2023: Acme highlights advanced channel engraving technology

It is clear that print and packaging is the only industry which has survived the Covid era, and has seen tremendous growth post-Covid, says Sandeep Sharma Acme Rolltech in an interview with Rahul Kumar

30 Mar 2023 | By Rahul Kumar

Rahul Kumar (RK): Can you share an update on the latest that you showcased at Pamex 2023?
Sandeep Sharma (SS):
We are going to showcase our unique ACE, Advanced Channel Engraving, which provides unique benefits for different industry segments, including labels, offset, coating applications, wide-web flexo, CI flexo and corrugation. We also showcased our special products for the label industry, ATAC, Acme Tactile, for screen type raised effect, AHDW, Acme High Density White, for high opacity white print results and AHDC, Acme High Density Colour.

RK: What are your sales numbers in the last 12 months (March 2022 to March 2023)?
We have had the expected financial year. We have been growing 35% year-on-year since our inception. We achieved our targets but it could have been better.   

RK: A little ahead, we have the big shows – Labelexpo Europe in Brussels and Drupa 2024. Would your company be part of these shows?
Yes. We will be in Labelexpo Brussels. We are still thinking about Drupa 2024. We will be showcasing our ACE technology at the show.

RK: We have seen a few educational sessions for commercial and wide-format print service providers on how they can enter the packaging segment. But do we have the data and trends that can prove packaging business is an industry well worth exploring?
It is clear that print and packaging is the only industry which has survived the Covid era, and has seen tremendous growth post-Covid. Just to give you a small example, in the pre-Covid times, we used to see a lot of loose items sold by local groceries and other stores. But during Covid, and now, everyone has moved to packaged stuff. Now, local grocery stores are also selling their products with their own brand name on the package. It is a big change considering the population size we have.

RK: Can you share an example of a customer of yours diversifying/ entering into commercial printing, packaging or labels, after seeing your kit in action? And most importantly, how successful have they been?
There are quite a lot. In fact, post-Covid, many players from other industries ventured into the printing and packaging segment, considering the fact that this industry was the least affected during Covid and has seen substantial growth in the past three years.

RK: Commercial printers often see themselves as marketing or advertising companies where as long as what they produce looks pretty, all is good. But in packaging, say folding cartons, it’s quite different. Good quality manufacturing is of the essence… If you could share some pointers?
The only suggestion I would give to our industry peers is that don't look at what others are doing and don’t go with the trend. We have to understand which market segment we have to cater to and accordingly plan for investments.

RK: Is social media having an effect on the print industry? What’s the impact on the printing business?
I would call social media a boon for the print industry. It might be impacting some areas of the printing business, but overall, it is helping the industry to grow in many ways.

RK: Most of the CEO’s energy is focused on taxes. How does one try to find one focused on the business? Any learnings from CEOs in other parts of the world? Do they ALSO micro-manage their business as much as Indian print and packaging CEOs?
I don’t agree with the fact that Indian CEOs are micro-managing the show. If you want to grow, you should have a team and we should empower our team to take decisions. It doesn't matter if sometimes they make wrong decisions.

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