Our outlook is to offer professional services: Balaji Gurram

Ahead of Pamex 2024, to be held at the Bombay Exhibition Centre on 6-9 February, Balaji Gurram, managing director, Suba Solutions, shares the company’s plan for the exhibition.

04 Feb 2024 | By PrintWeek Team

Balaji Gurram, managing director, Suba Solutions

What are the updates from the last edition of Pamex at your company? 

More than 670 enquiries (not footfall) at Pamex 2023 was a good start for us for FY2023-24. Our business grew 30% YoY until December 2023. We expect to finish with about 25% revenue growth over last fiscal. After Pamex 2023, we improved our presence in Western India and saw good results. Also, we have introduced the Lamify High Speed Ultra flute laminators which have received a good response from the market. 

What is the star product in the bouquet of products you will be showcasing at Pamex 2024? 

Our star product for Pamex 2024 will be the made-in-India Blankwiser. Now, customers are happy with the blanking concept and more and more customers have opted for the same. We are also displaying a carton-erecting machine (tray-erecting machine). 

What are the three highlight features in the kit/software that the visitors should look out for in your star product? 

The Blankwiser comes with some unique feature which gives important data that will save money for the customer. You will witness it during the show.

We are also demonstrating profitable production of low-volume tray production or burger-box production. 

What are your installation numbers in India and worldwide? And in 2023 to date? 

Our total installation base has crossed to more than 2,000 Pan-India. We have also exported a few Blankwiser. 

In 2023 we sold more than 155 machines. Another 70 machines are in the pipeline. Some may crossover to the next fiscal year.

Your outlook for 2024-25? 

Suba wants to be a committed and professional company. Our outlook for 2024-25 is to offer professional services both in sales and service. Service MTTR should improve to one day from the current 1.75 day(s). This will be the key focus. We want all our customers to utilise our machines to the full extent to profit out of it. At the same time, we will be introducing cost-effective new products along with the existing product line. For our made-in-India product, the Blankwiser, we would like to introduce it to more countries this year.