Luca Berlen: "Natural Evolution is a high print-enhancer speciality paper by Gruppo"

Sona Papers' Aksharaya calendar, which was recently launched in Mumbai, has been created by a handpicked group of calligraphers. Gruppo and Sona Papers are partners in India and the two have produced a unique calendar which looks at the tradition of calligraphy in Indian languages.

The Italy-based fine paper manufacturer Gruppo Cordenons has pulled off many an interesting job over the years.

On the sidelines of the launch, Luca Berlen, area manager export at Gruppo Cordenons sp

12 Apr 2017 | By Krishna Naidu

PrintWeek India (PWI): What does Natural Evolution do?
Luca Berlen (LB): The Natural Evolution is a high print-enhancer speciality paper from the basket of Gruppo Cordenons, Italy.

PWI: When was Natural Evolution launched and what markets is it aimed at?
LB: Initially, it was a specific request of a greeting card production, but then thanks to the excellent printing performance, it has been extended to all markets and applications.

(c) Santosh Kshirsagar with Sona Papers team launched the Aksharaya calendar

PWI: How is Natural Evolution manufactured?
LB: The Natural Evolution is felt marked surface which is treated for paper manufactured with virgin pulp from a well-managed forest.

PWI: Is it available in FSC-certified grade; and is it acid-free and pH neutral?
LB: Yes, it is FSC certified and it is also acid-free having a Neutral pH above 5.5.

PWI: What is the USP?
LB: The USP of the product is that it has a naturally inherited texture on the surface, the best tactile strength paper in the segment, the look and feel of Natural Evolution is un-coated and print result equivalent to any premium coated paper, it enables a design to give glowing effect after printing and it supports the vibrant colour and images.

PWI: How easy is it to use?
LB: Yes it very to use like a standard art paper.


PWI: What about hot foil stamping and metallic finishes?
LB: Yes, Natural Evolution is suitable for foil stamping and metallic finishing.

PWI: Which brands in India use Natural Evolution?
LB: In India, brands like Kingfisher, Hotel Taj, Hero Motors, Hyundai, Jindal Steel, Microsoft, Wipro, Coca-Cola and Audi have patronised this paper in their print communication.