Me & My: Yoco JY-106T

Asim Kumar Mehra, CMD, York Print, tells Rahul Kumar why he likes the Yoco hot foil stamping and die-cutting kit

24 Jun 2019 | By Rahul Kumar

Mehra: “The 19-tonne weight is what makes the machine sturdy”

Please describe your company. 
York Print, a family-owned business, was established in 1972 by my brother Anil Kumar Mehra and I. Presently, we are operating from Kolkata, Assam and Bangladesh. 

When did you start using the Yoco JY-106T?
We have been using Yoco foil stamping machine and die-cutters for more than three decades. We have multiple foil stamping and die-cutting machines from Yoco and all the machines are performing well, in terms of quality and reliability.

What are the properties in the Yoco which you like? 
We like its perfect registration, the speed of conversion (6,500-sheets/hour for die-cutting and 5,500-sheets for foiling) and its user-friendliness. 

How are you benefiting? 
For a packaging printer, a die-cutting machine is basic equipment to shape the printed sheets to a final product. Then, there are jobs that demand foils for print beautification and to add anti-counterfeiting measures. Most importantly, we are using Yoco kits to convert our huge volume quickly and precisely. We have six machines from Yoco, and we use them for paper, board and corrugation sheets.

Did you look at other similar machines?  
We did examine some European and Chinese machines but opted for Yoco because of its Indian representative and affordability.  

Any other reason?
We found that the 19-tonne weight is what makes the machine sturdy. The quality of production, whether die-cutting or foil stamping, is perfect. Its conversion speed is high in its segment. Finally, I must say, the after-sales service from its Indian representative SKR Technology is perfect.

How much have these features helped you in your print production?
In most of the cases, print production facilities are usually well-equipped with brand new printing presses, but the post-press segment is overlooked. In our case, the high speed of the machine helps us synchronise with the speed of the printing press. We do not need to stock printed material and can send the job for die-cutting and foil stamping immediately after printing. Thus, the overall production time has reduced. 

Is there anything that you do not like or can be improved about this? 
Improvement is a never-ending process and every machine manufacturer works towards that. Yoco does self-initiated improvement annually, as per the market and customers’ demand. 

If there’s a critical print job, would you rely on this to see it through?
This machine converts most of our jobs. So reliability is 100%. 

How easy is it to use? 
Anyone can run the machine after a few days of training. 

Who do you think the hot foil stamping and the die-cutting machine is right for? 
It is good to give final shapes to the printed sheets and also right for print beautification and to add anti-counterfeiting measures. 

Under what circumstances would you recommend it to others? 
I would like to recommend the machine to other packaging converters if they want to produce packaging jobs with precision, affordable investment and speed.


User’s verdict    
Speed ****
Quality ****
Reliability *****
Value for money *****

Supplier’s response 
Rajesh Agarwal of SRK Technologies, said, “Yoco 106T automatic hot foil stamping and die-cutting machine is one of the most popular foil stamping machines in India. Yoco machines are manufactured in Shanghai under technical collaboration with Nikko of Japan. Unlike most Chinese machines, which are copies of other machines, Yoco bought the well-known Mabeg Systems, Germany, to produce Mabeg feeders in Shanghai. All Yoco machines are equipped with Mabeg feeders. Yoco started its journey in India in 2005 and sold three machines. Later, all big packaging converters, including TCPL, Parksons, to SME players in South India became Yoco’s customers. Today, there are more than 60 Yoco machines in India.”

Rajesh Agarwal
SRK Technologies 
Mobile +91-9811054748