Me & My: UFlex rotogravure printing press

Saurabh Kansal, director, Poysha Packaging, shares with Rahul Kumar how the Ghaziabad-based company enhanced its operations with the induction of UFlex Rotogravure press

15 Jun 2021 | By PrintWeek Team

Please describe your company.
With 28 years of experience, Poysha Packaging is currently led by the second-generation of the family. The company has three rotogravure units, including the recently added press from UFlex, multiple lamination machines (extrusion, solvent-less and solvent-based lamination), stand up, 3D and 4D pouching machines and in-house blown film plants.

When did you start using the UFlex rotogravure press?
Poysha has been associated with UFlex for more than a decade now. The first gravure machine was installed in 2006 and it proved to be a reliable workhorse with excellent performance and reliability. We were happy with the performance of the machine. Thus, we installed a new 450-mpm ELS machine from UFlex in April 2021.

What are the properties of the machine you like?
The ELS machines have all the features of the new generation — shaft-less cylinders, job recall to reduce setting wastage, running reports, ink trays to reduce solvent consumption, fast changeover sleeves, and modem connectivity. What has been most commendable is UFlex’s proactive attitude to learn from customers and implement appropriate changes according to our feedback.

Did you look at other similar products?
We did an in-depth apple-to-apple comparison with every other major rotogravure machine available. It took us time to zero down our search for the desired rotogravure machine, one that complemented our evaluation metrics aptly. We took a while to decide, but we are glad we made the right choice by finally choosing UFlex’ Rotogravure machine.

What are the features that tilted the favour in this kit?
I think the major factors that helped us decide were value for money; reliability and performance of existing UFlex machines; and successful use of shaft-less cylinders for more than a decade.

How much have these features helped you in your production?
Shaft-less cylinders, excellent trolley design, rubber sleeve system and job recall have helped us improve the utilisation of machines by reducing the changeover time. Furthermore, the excellent print quality helps us to ensure we keep growing the Poysha brand.

What are the properties of the machine you like?
We have found the machines to be reliable and trouble-free. Moreover, the after-sales service is excellent. We also like the print quality and fidelity of the machine. Furthermore, The ELS machines have all the features of the new generation — shaft-less cylinders, job recall to reduce setting wastage, running reports, ink trays to reduce solvent consumption, fast changeover sleeves, and modem connectivity, among others.

For what applications is the press used?
UFlex’ Rotogravure printing machine offers numerous printing utilities. At Poysha we are mostly printing 8-12 microns PET film and 15-20 microns BOPP. The applications are numerous for flexible packaging of biscuits, snacks, soaps, detergent, grains, and other such fast-moving consumable goods.

How easy is it to use and handle?
UFlex has been a pioneer in the field of making self-shaft chucking printing machines. We have been using UFlex machines with similar cylinder holding methodology, which not only allows ease of operations but also helps us save substantial time in job changeover. The menu drive operating screen enables any level of operator to handle the machine efficiently; so, capabilities are far beyond expectations.

Would you say that it offers value for money?
The machine is definitely value for money, especially in terms of the features it offers at the price point and the kind of reliability it offers.

Were there any difficulties experienced during its use?
The menu driven operating interface is easy to use by operators at any level. In addition to this, the support extended by the UFlex team has been impeccable and has been of much help to use the machine. So, there were no difficulties experienced while using the press.

Who do you think the press is right for?
Customers who want to ensure good print quality and want a reliable partner who can support them for many years to come will like the UFlex rotogravure machine.


User’s verdict
Speed ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Quality ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Reliability ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Value for money ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Supplier’s response
Sanjay M Sabharwal, executive vice-president and COO – PAM marketing, engineering business, UFlex, says, “At UFlex, we always believe in building relationships with the customers brick by brick. The relation always revolves around the product and the services that bring us closer to our customers. Being a pioneer in the field of converting and packaging machines manufacturing in India, engineering best in class machines has always been our strength. About services, we always consider our customer’s opinion as a fact. Like all our customers, Poysha also enjoys a special place, as we are associated with them for more than one-and-a-half decades. Our combination of quality products and services has so far helped us to work and move together.”

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