Me & My: Tiancen lamination machine GFM 106

Jatinder Shroff of Noida-based Nutech Packagings explains how the investment in Tiancen lamination machine has helped him save on energy

24 Jun 2019 | By PrintWeek India

Shroff: The machine has an energy-saving oil heating system

Describe your company. 
Nutech Packagings is primarily involved in production of mono cartons, blister cards, cards, corrugated boxes and other items made from paper/ paperboard for packaging industry. We established a green production plant in Greater Noida around three years ago. We specialise in liquor boxes and entertain clients from the domestic and global market. We are a SEDEX-certified packaging printing company. 

When did you start using the Tiancen lamination machine?
The machine was installed at our Greater Noida plant in 2016. We were the first user of the machine, but there was no hesitation on the investment because of the strong technical back up from the Indian representative of Tiancen, Ample Graphics.

 What are the properties of the machine you like? 
The machine has an oil heating system, which is comparatively more efficient than water-based heating system. The oil-based heating system saves energy. It has a hot knife mechanism to cut the lamination film, which makes it better than other available machines in the market. The machine is also capable of strip lamination, and we use strip lamination frequently. Also, energy saving mechanism is useful to reduce carbon footprints. 

Why did you decide to use the product?  
The machine is highly efficient. It is backed by good after-sales service support from both the manufacturer and Ample Graphics. Another key point was the availability of spares with the dealer. Ample’s service engineers are well trained to provide the right guidance and support to our production team. 

Did you look at other similar products?  
Yes, it is advisable to check all available options before finalising any capital equipment and we did the same. Tiancen has around 26 years of manufacturing experience and is a pioneer in hot knife technology. I visited the Tiancen production site in China and conducted trials to arrive at the final conclusion.

What are the features that tilted the favour in this?
High lamination speed up to 80m/min; no tail outside because of hot knife technology; strip lamination and energy saving because of oil heating. 

For what applications are the lamination used?
We use the machine primarily for production of film-laminated cartons. We use the lamination machine for some commercial jobs and book covers as well.

If a critical print job comes your way, would you rely on this to see it through?
Yes, there are many and it gives us confidence to accept most of the lamination jobs. 

What’s the quality like? Can you give examples to compare quality enhancement?
The laminated sheets meet all the requirements of lamination. Glue consumption is up to 6gsm only, thus we can save on glue and being a dry lamination machine, we can send the laminated sheets immediately after for next process. 

Would you say that it offers value for money?  
Yes, it’s a value for money machine. The energy saving mechanism is a good example. Also it uses less power as compared to some other machines in the market.

Who do you think the product is right for? 
The machine is suitable for paper/ paperboard packaging convertors as well as commercial and book printers who produce film laminated products.

User’s verdict    
Speed                      ****
Quality                     ****
Reliability                 ****
Value for money     ****

Supplier’s response
Sachin Kala of Ample Graphics, says, “It is tough to show confidence in a new entrant especially for capital equipment. And yet,  Jatinder Shroff was the first person who showed his confidence and installed our lamination machine. The machine has been meeting all lamination demands of Nutech, include packaging, commercial, books and others. Today, we have installed 14 Tiancen lamination machines in India. High-speed lamination and lower glue consumption are two specialities of the machine. This makes lamination economical compared to the available options in the market.”

Sachin Kala, director 
Ample Graphics
+91-98993 07625