Me & My: Rotoflex VSI online inspection device

Harish Gupta, director, Sai Com Codes Flexoprint, explains to Rahul Kumar how Rotoflex VSI helps him finish the job faster and more accurately

30 Aug 2019 | By PrintWeek India

Gupta: “Soon, total number of Rotoflex at Sai will be eight”

Q: Please describe your company. 
A: We are a first-generation label converter based in Sonipat. We started around 14 years ago with an eight-colour Mark Andy narrow-web flexo printing press. Now, we have print production facilities in Sonipat and Guwahati, and a new unit is coming up in Vapi, which will be functional by the end of September. Now, we have multiple narrow-web flexo printing presses from Mark Andy and Nilpeter; Mark Andy P7 series is coming for the Vapi plant. We have installed a Konica Minolta Accuriolabel 230 digital label printing press to cater small runs of labels and specialised labels. We have around 250 people working with us, and our major business comes from FMCG, liquor and food segments.

Q: When did you start using the Rotoflex VSI high speed inspection, slitting, rewinding machine?
A: We have installed first Rotoflex high speed inspection, slitting and rewinding machine in 2010. Right now, we have six Rotoflex and will be adding two more in the next couple of months.

Q: What are the properties of Rotoflex VSI you like? 
A: It’s a maintenance-free machine, and easy to use. It runs at good speed, plus the feedback from the market was positive.

Q: Why did you decide to use the Rotoflex VSI?  
A: Print production is becoming fast. The bottleneck appears during post-print. Thus, finishing segment requires same capability as print production. Because of Rotoflex we can finish more number of jobs now. The machine’s high speed and accuracy has increased our productivity.

Q: Did you look at similar systems in the market?  
A: No. Feedback from the market was good and after-sales service was also good during our first installation. 

Q: What are the features you like?
A: Its compact size saves on real estate. It is excellent for defect detection, quality management, and consistent output through automated tension management.

Q: How much have these features helped you in your production? 
A: Now, we can produce more number of jobs in quick time.

Q: For what applications is Rotoflex VSI used?
A: As it is an inspection, slitting and rewinding machine, it is used for all three applications.

Q: Is there anything that you do not like? 
A: Not really. Rotoflex has fulfilled our purpose.

Q: If there’s a critical print job that has come your way, would you rely on this to see it through?
A: Yes, of course for inspection, slitting and rewinding. The slitting quality of Rotoflex is really nice.

Q: What’s the quality like?  
A: We found it to be a sturdy machine. There was hardly any breakdown since the installation. 

Q: How easy is it to use?  
A: It is very easy to use. The interface of the machine is user-friendly. 

Q: Would you say that it offers value for money?  
A: Yes, it is a value-for-money machine if you have round-the-clock operations. 

Q: Do you feel any difficulties while running Rotoflex VSI? 
A: None in the last nine years.

Q: Who do you think the Rotoflex VIS is right for? 
A: Rotoflex is right for high speed inspection, slitting and rewinding.

Q: Under what circumstances would you recommend it to others? 
A: It is recommendable, but you need 24-hour operations to take the full advantage of the machine.


User’s verdict    
Speed                      ★ ★ ★ ★
Quality                    ★ ★ ★ ★
Reliability                ★ ★ ★ ★
Value for money    ★ ★ ★ ★

Supplier’s response 
Gourav Roy, managing director, Flexo Image Graphics, says, “Sai Com Codes purchased its first Rotoflex in 2010, and currently, the label printing company has six Rotoflex slitter-rewinders running in their factories. The Rotoflex has a workflow that improves the productivity and gives outstanding reliability in fast-paced production environments. Harish Gupta of Sai Com Codes Flexoprint wanted to have a post-press equipment with high speed and accuracy. Rotoflex served the purpose. The machine has a great defect detection and quality management system with user-friendly interface. Gupta has also ordered for a Mark Andy Performance Series P7 for his new plant in Vapi. Overall, we have installed 72 Rotoflex slitting, rewinding and inspection machines.”

Contact details  
Flexo Image Graphics Pvt. Ltd. 
Ph: +91-11-43533638, 42785102, 42815102

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