Manoj Agnihotri: Our vendors have been helpful and understanding

Manoj Agnihotri, vice-president (west zone) of AIFMP says he is witnessing several printing outlets shutting down

23 Dec 2020 | By PrintWeek Team

Agnihotri: We are working to full capacity now

What is the name of your press?
Mesh Prints, Bhopal.

What happened when the PM announced the lockdown?
We had to put all production and orders on hold.

Did you shut down your factory?
Yes, we did.

How did you inform your staff? And what did you inform them?
We told them to expect some pay-cuts in the months when work is shut.

Anyone who was Covid Positive ...?

When did you start printing again?
Late April.

What did you print?
Labels, mono cartons.

How much of your capacity are you utilising now?
We are working to full capacity now.

What is happening to the print industry in your city?
We are witnessing several printing outlets shutting down. Commercial printing, magazines, books, educational print material has taken a major blow. Also printers are suffering from the shift in bank printing (cheque books, passbooks) 

Any supplier or trader who has been a huge support?
Yes, our vendors have been helpful and understanding.

What made you smile in these tough times?
We had to rely on packaging to keep going.

Your worst moment?
Having to layoff few staff members, salary cuts, no bonuses.

Where does your press stand now?
It is still in transition, things are better but far away from pre-Covid levels.

Today on hindsight, what advice would you give to yourself in March?
Cut down on expenses, save more.

Your wish for 2021 …?
Print and publications should get back on its feet.